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Halting Repeated School Kidnappings in Nigeria

Gunmen snatched more than 270 girls from a boarding school in north-western Nigeria on 26 February, releasing them four days later. In this Q&A, Crisis Group expert Nnamdi Obasi looks at why the authorities are struggling to prevent these mass kidnappings.

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Interim President

In his introduction to this month’s CrisisWatch, Crisis Group's Interim President Richard Atwood weighs what's needed to avert even greater humanitarian disasters in the ongoing wars in Yemen and Ethiopia's Tigray region.

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The Covid-19 Pandemic and Deadly Conflict

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At the advent of President Joe Biden’s tenure, the U.S. confronts numerous foreign policy problems old and new. His administration should discard failed approaches, such as over-reliance on coercion, as it works to craft policies in service of a more peaceful world.

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In The News

2 Mar 2021
Iranians have come to believe that the Biden administration is nothing but Trump 2.0. They doubt it is serious about diplomacy. TRT World

Ali Vaez

Senior Adviser to the President & Project Director, Iran
26 Feb 2021
Irrespective of its Iran policy, the U.S. should develop an Iraq policy. Iran-linked armed groups in Iraq do not only exist to react to U.S.-Iran tensions. Newsweek

Lahib Higel

Senior Analyst, Iraq
14 Feb 2021
Governments and their foreign partners [have] grown disillusioned with the hope that jihadis [in the Sahel] can be defeated militarily. Financial Times

Ibrahim Yahaya Ibrahim

Consulting Analyst, Sahel
11 Feb 2021
It's unlikely that Rohingya would be willing to return [to Myanmar] in a context in which the repression by the military overall is going up, not down. NPR

Laurel Miller

Program Director, Asia
12 Dec 2020
In comparison to previous protests [in Iraq's Kurdish north] these are significant as the current fiscal crisis affects larger swaths of the population. The Washington Post

Lahib Higel

Senior Analyst, Iraq
12 Dec 2020
Because of improving relations, the Eritrean government has gained more ability to influence the Ethiopian government not to be a host for dissidents. AFP

William Davison

Senior Analyst, Ethiopia

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