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Op-Ed / Africa

Hit Mugabe Hard Where it Hurts, now

Personal sanctions on Zimbabwe's President might slow his destructive ways, writes Gareth Evans.

Originally published in The Sydney Morning Herald

Op-Ed / Europe & Central Asia

Let the Montenegrins Have Their Say

Montenegro is a small land, but it is not a small issue whether it becomes independent or remains joined together with Serbia.

Originally published in International New York Times

Op-Ed / Africa

Only sanctions can stop Mugabe

Robert Mugabe has reneged on the Abuja deal and is ready to destroy democracy with violence. The international community must now target the regime directly. President Robert Mugabe can't believe his luck. At the beginning of September, he faced humiliating public criticism and an ultimatum for the first time from fellow African leaders.

Originally published in The Observer

Op-Ed / Asia

The UN's poisoned chalice

Originally published in Evening Standard

Op-Ed / Asia

Killing with kindness in Afghanistan

The notion of humanitarian war is causing problems for aid agencies in the region, says William Shawcross.

Originally published in Financial Times

Op-Ed / Global

Stop this racism

Originally published in The Guardian