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Introducing Crisis Group’s Iran-U.S. Trigger List

The risks of a direct, indirect, deliberate or inadvertent clash between Iran and the U.S. are rising to new highs. Our Iran-U.S. Trigger List is a unique interactive map and early warning tool that monitors and analyses the many flashpoints between the two countries, and shows how they are linked to the fate of the 2015 nuclear deal.

Video / Europe & Central Asia

A New Chance for European Defence

On 11 December 2017, the European Council established a new defence pact known as the Permanent Structured Cooperation (PESCO). In this interview, International Crisis Group's President & CEO Jean-Marie Guéhenno explains how it gives European states a new chance to work towards more strategic autonomy and the ability to react quickly to pre-empt regional crises.

Video / Africa

Political Blockage and Rising Violence in DR Congo

With no chance that DR Congo will hold elections as planned before the end of 2017, Richard Moncrieff, Crisis Group’s Central Africa Project Director, describes the political blockage that is fuelling popular frustration with politicians, the spread of violence, and a sense that the vast country is fraying at the edges. He argues that even if there is slippage in the election timetable, all sides must remain engaged over the long term to coordinate the preparation of both technical needs like ballot boxes and registration lists and also keep up pressure for the opening up of political space for free campaigning.

Video / Africa

AU-EU summit an opportunity to reset relations

The African Union-European Union summit in Abidjan on 29 and 30 November provides a crucial chance to reset relations between the two institutions after a painful 2016. Forging a stronger relationship based on mutual strategic interests - from migration to peacekeeping - is vital as the two institutions lay the foundations for their future relationship.

Lebanon in the Crosshairs

Lebanon is caught between Iran and Saudi Arabia as regional tensions rise following the resignation of Lebanon's Prime Minister Saad Hariri on 4 November. In this video from Beirut, Crisis Group's Project Director for Lebanon, Syria and Iraq Heiko Wimmen argues that the resignation alone is unlikely to destabilise Lebanon, but that sanctions by Gulf states might well derail its fragile economy.

Video / Asia

Addressing Security Concerns to Advance Gender Equality in Pakistan

Addressing security concerns in Pakistan is vital for creating a more gender equal society. In this video, Crisis Group's South Asia Project Director Samina Ahmed highlights the need for measures geared toward enabling women to become more economically independent, such as safer public transport and a more gender-sensitive police force.

What are the challenges to stabilising Syria's post-ISIS areas?

As Raqqa and its surrounding areas fall into the control of Kurdish governing authorities, providing security and effective governance will be key to preventing the return of the jihadist insurgency. In this video our Senior Analyst for Syria Noah Bonsey echoes the concerns shared with him by local authorities and people on the street.

Syria's War Post-ISIS: A Race for Resources

Crisis Group's Senior Analyst for Syria Noah Bonsey talks about the race for resources taking place along the Euphrates river as different sides of Syria's conflict continue to capture territory from ISIS.

Peace and Coca Compete in Colombia's Periphery

One of the most pressing security threats in Colombia following the signing of the the FARC peace agreement is fighting between armed groups trying to gain control over territories and illegal business, such as coca production, previously dominated by the FARC. In this video, Senior Analyst for Colombia Kyle Johnson and Latin America Program Director Ivan Briscoe highlight main findings of Crisis Group's report Colombia’s Armed Groups and the Fight for the Spoils of Peace. 

Syria’s Fractured Future

Despite recent successes in Syria for the regime, Iran, Russia and Syria’s Kurds, deeper polarisation than ever points to a future in which the country remains chronically divided.