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There is no time to lose.

Millions of vulnerable people, their lives already shattered by the brutality of war, are now exposed to a new threat: COVID-19. Crisis Group continues to warn the world about conflicts and to advocate for realistic steps that can save lives. We have already ramped up our advocacy for pandemic-hit countries. To significantly expand this work and respond to the growing crisis, we have increased our goal to $3,000,000.


The pandemic is likely to trigger further unrest – especially in fragile states where a public health crisis of this magnitude will overwhelm under-resourced healthcare systems, international crisis response mechanisms and states’ capacity to maintain order. By making a gift to Crisis Group you will enable us to sound the alarm louder on behalf of communities threatened by or already suffering the horrors of war and strengthen our efforts to prevent and resolve deadly conflicts.

Here is what you can do to help:

Crisis Group will continue to warn the world about conflicts that rage or that threaten and will advocate pragmatic steps that can save lives. Your vital support will give us the flexibility to add more capacity where and when we need to. It will ensure we can maintain high-quality sources of information, working on behalf of the most vulnerable victims of conflict.

We hope you will consider making a gift to support Crisis Group at this critical time. There’s still a chance to have your gift matched by Open Society Foundations. Please donate now.


Thank you!

The Crisis Group Team

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