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President & CEO

In his introduction to this month’s edition of CrisisWatch, our President Robert Malley reflects on the tragic conflict over Nagorno-Karabakh and the implications of the U.S. election for Americans and the rest of the world.

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8 Oct 2020
It’s very strange indeed to have the president of the United States say something out loud and then have all the rest of us wondering if it really means anything. Washington Post

Laurel Miller

Program Director, Asia
21 Sep 2020
Frankly, there’s a degree of exhaustion with this administration (the Trump Administration) in the Security Council. Foreign Policy

Richard Gowan

UN Director
25 Feb 2020
[When the U.S. military] is out there laying down so-called ‘nonpersistent smart mines’ that will time out after 30 days, there’s still a field of mines out there. Christian Science Monitor

Stephen Pomper

Senior Director for Policy
6 Jan 2020
The outpouring of grief for Qassim Suleimani is the country’s first act of retaliation. New York Times

Azadeh Moaveni

Project Director, Gender
3 Jan 2020
Netanyahu fears this incident lacks a broader U.S. strategy and would either merely escalate dynamics without restraining Iran’s nuclear program and regional activities. Time

Ofer Zalzberg

Former Senior Analyst, Arab-Israeli Conflict
2 Jan 2020
A strike that the [U.S] administration claims was intended to deter Iranian attacks is almost certain to trigger far more of them. Foreign Policy

Robert Malley

President & CEO

Latest Updates

Podcast / Europe & Central Asia

War & Peace: The Future of NATO

On War & Peace this week, former NATO Deputy Secretary-General Rose Gottemoeller joins Olga and Hugh to examine whether the alliance, 70 years into its conflict prevention mission, can still contend with the defence challenges of today and tomorrow, both internally and as an actor on the world stage.

Podcast / Africa

Protests against Police Brutality Shake Nigeria

This week on Hold Your Fire!, Nnamdi Obasi and Comfort Ero explain the significance of Nigeria’s police brutality crisis and the resulting #ENDSARS protests. Rob Malley and guest host Richard Atwood also examine the protracted process of the U.S. presidential election.

Podcast / United States

Can the U.S. Avoid an Election Crisis?

In this week’s episode of Hold Your Fire!, Rachel Kleinfeld examines the confluence of risks that put the 2020 U.S. presidential election in a category apart from any other in memory. Among the perils are the unprecedented toxic rhetoric, the increasing virulence of armed groups and the prospect of a contested election.

Video / United States

Crisis Group Turns Focus to Risk of Electoral Violence in the U.S. (Video)

Crisis Group's Senior Director for Policy Stephen Pomper reflects on the risk of electoral violence in the U.S.

Statement / United States

Too Much to Lose: Steering the U.S. Away from Election-Related Violence

As U.S. elections approach, extremist activity, the potential for contestation and President Donald Trump’s refusal to commit to transferring power peacefully raise concerns about possible violence. State and local officials should ensure that voting proceeds fairly, while foreign leaders should urge respect for democratic norms. 

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Daniel Schneiderman

Head of Advocacy & Research, US Program