War & Peace: Twenty-first Century Threats
War & Peace: Twenty-first Century Threats
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War & Peace: Twenty-first Century Threats

This week on War & Peace, former MI6 chief and veteran diplomat Sir John Sawers joins Olga and Hugh for a horizon-scanning look at an international system in flux, the major players shaping it and what threats they will have to guard against.

S2 E7: Twenty-first Century Threats

Sir John Sawers, former chief of the British secret service MI6 and Executive Chairman at Newbridge Advisory, joins Olga and Hugh for a dynamic conversation on the changing global balance of power and emerging threats that will shape multilateral diplomacy. 

Drawing on 40 years of international service, Sir John describes how Western interventionism has evolved since the early 1990s, the implications of a rising China and declining U.S. for the international system, what motivates and hinders Russia at home and abroad, as well as how medium-sized powers are exploiting these fluctuations along the way. 

He also outlines a major concern: how will advances in the virtual sphere increasingly impact the physical world?

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