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A Gaza Ceasefire

The ceasefire deal the U.S. has tabled represents the best – and perhaps last – hope for both ending the Gaza war and getting the hostages held in the strip back any time soon. Israeli and Hamas leaders should accept it.

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Podcast / Global

A Big Week for Democracy: Elections in India, South Africa and Mexico

This week on Hold Your Fire!, Richard speaks with Crisis Group experts Praveen Donthi, Pauline Bax and Falko Ernst about recent elections in India, South Africa and Mexico and what they mean for the countries’ policies at home and abroad. 

Our Journeys / Africa

The Roots of Somalia’s Slow Piracy Resurgence

After a decade-long lull, Somali pirates have hijacked a handful of vessels in recent months. Crisis Group expert Omar Mahmood reports on the burning anger over illegal trawling that is driving some local fishermen to sympathise with this dangerous – and profitable – activity.   

Militares y crimen: los retos para la nueva presidenta de México

En este evento en línea, Falko Ernst, analista senior de México para International Crisis Group, habla sobre los retos a los que se enfrentará la nueva presidenta de México con las expertas Gabriela Warkentin y Lisa Sánchez.

Op-Ed / Asia

India’s Perilous Border Standoff With China

Modi’s Tough Stance Could Invite—Not Deter—Chinese Aggression.

Podcast / Africa

Ruto in Washington: Kenya’s State Visit and the U.S.’s Africa Policy

This week on Hold Your Fire!, Richard speaks with Crisis Group’s Africa director Murithi Mutiga about Kenyan President William Ruto’s visit to the U.S., Nairobi’s pivot West and Washington’s Africa policy.

Looking for the Missing in Mexico

Over the past seven decades, more than 100,000 Mexicans have gone missing and never been heard from again. Crisis Group expert Angélica Ospina reports on the intrepid searchers who hold government officials accountable and spearhead their own investigations to find their loved ones.

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Op-Ed / Asia

Myanmar Is Fragmenting—but Not Falling Apart

Why Outside Actors Should Work More Closely With Nonstate Groups

Speech / Global

The UN Security Council in the New Era of Great Power Competition

This paper was shared at a symposium on “The Past and Future of the United Nations Organization” hosted by the Centre for Grand Strategy at King’s College London on 30 May 2024.

Briefing / Asia

Ethnic Autonomy and its Consequences in Post-coup Myanmar

Ethnic armed groups have pushed the military out of most of Myanmar’s borderlands, putting the country on a path toward fracturing into self-governing statelets with the regime hanging on in the centre. Outside actors wishing to help Myanmar’s people should adjust to this new reality.

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