Europe's Changing Neighbourhood: Conflict Prevention and Crisis Management in the 21st Century

Chatham House, London, UK

16 November 2015

The changing crisis environment in which Europe finds itself has raised urgent questions about Europe’s role in the world. With turbulent peripheries in both its east and south, combined with an increasingly introverted domestic debate, internal challenges and a complicated set of external dynamics, Europe finds itself arguably in its most complex international environment in over a generation. This one-day forum explores external perceptions of Europe and will assess the nature of current crises and threats and Europe’s capacity to respond.

Crisis Group and Chatham House are collaborating to convene a one-day forum which will explore the nature of a number of current crises confronting Europe, while assessing its capacity to respond effectively in addressing them.

Suggested hashtag: #CHEurope 

For more on this event, visit the website of Chatham House.

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