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CrisisWatch Haiti

Unchanged Situation

Concerns rose over judiciary’s ability to investigate President Moïse’s killing, and gang violence disrupted earthquake relief. Ombudsman-like govt agency Office of Citizen Protection 1 Aug warned Moïse’s assassination could go unpunished, said Haitian judicial system “is held hostage by certain sectors”. In letter to UN Sec-Gen Guterres, govt 3 Aug called for “international commission of inquiry” to probe president’s killing. Judicial clerk assigned to investigation, Ernst Lafortune, found dead 11 Aug, days after Magistrate Bernard Saint-Vil said some judicial officials had been pressured to revise names and other details in enquiry reports on Moïse’s death. National Association of Haitian Legal Clerks 12 Aug said Lafortune had “heated dispute” with judge overseeing case, who resigned next day. Lawyers representing owner of firm that hired former Colombian soldiers allegedly involved in Moïse’s assassination 6 Aug claimed plot sought to change govt, not kill Moïse; Dominican and Colombian news channels 18 Aug broadcast testimonies of detained Colombian suspects who said plan was to kill president. Meanwhile, electoral council 11 Aug postponed constitutional referendum and first round of legislative and presidential elections, originally scheduled for 26 Sept, to 7 Nov; second round due 23 Jan 2022. After 7.2 magnitude earthquake 14 Aug hit country’s south-western peninsula, leaving at least 2,200 dead, UN Children’s Fund representative in Haiti next day called for “humanitarian corridor” in gang-held areas to ensure aid can reach affected regions; in following days, gangs reportedly did not follow suit, instead hijacking aid trucks and ambulances; leader of G9 gang alliance Jimmy Cherizier 22 Aug said G9 would change course, now assist in relief efforts; news channel Al Jazeera 25 Aug reported aid was flowing through gang-controlled Martissant neighbourhood west of Port-au-Prince.
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Reports & Briefings

Latest Updates

Handling the Aftermath of Haiti’s Presidential Assassination

The killing of President Jovenel Moïse in murky circumstances has plunged the country into political turmoil. In this Q&A, Crisis Group expert Mariano de Alba explains the state of play and what outside actors should do as they seek to help Haiti achieve stability.

Also available in Español, Français

Haiti Déjà Vu

Originally published in Huffington Post

Is it time for MINUSTAH to leave Haiti?

Presentation by Mark L. Schneider, Senior Vice President, International Crisis Group on “Is it time for MINUSTAH to leave Haiti?” at the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), Washington, DC, 25 July 2013.

Haití, Tres Años Después

Originally published in Reforma