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Jihad in Modern Conflict


20 September 2021

Misunderstanding Yemen

25 February 2021

The War in the Sahel

31 January 2018

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10 July 2017

The War After the War

24 February 2017

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21 December 2016

WSJ: Asia’s New Insurgency

22 September 2016
المخاطر التي تنتظر عراق ما بعد داعش

The Perils of a Post-ISIS Iraq

24 March 2016
Why Belgium?

Why Belgium?

19 February 2016

The Cybersecurity Paradox

14 April 2015

Extremism in Africa

In The News

13 Sep 2021
Unfortunately, while in much of the world 9/11 is viewed as in the past, in Africa, the legacy of those attacks lives on. The World

Murithi Mutiga

Project Director, Horn of Africa
27 Aug 2021
If France is to withdraw [from the Sahel] in a drastic manner as the U.S. did [from Afghanistan], the balance of power is likely to shift in favor of the jihadists. Washington Post

Ibrahim Yahaya Ibrahim

Consulting Analyst, Sahel
22 Aug 2021
Maybe this is a mistake. But the French are downsizing, they’re not withdrawing [from the Sahel]. They’re still the biggest military force in the region. VOA

Jean-Hervé Jezequel

Director, Sahel Project
22 Jul 2021
Al Shabaab is fully embedded in Somali society, especially in areas under their control, where local populations have little choice but to engage the group. VICE News

Omar Mahmood

Senior Analyst, Somalia
24 Mar 2021
Il faut voir ces attaques [au Niger] comme une forme de punition collective contre ces communautés où une résistance s'organise. AFP

Ibrahim Yahaya Ibrahim

Consulting Analyst, Sahel
14 Mar 2021
La direction du mouvement [HTC en Syrie] s’efforce désormais de régler ces problèmes. La manière dont elle se comporte vis-à-vis des minorités est en train de changer. Le Monde

Dareen Khalifa

Senior Analyst, Syria