Op-Ed / Asia

Killing with kindness in Afghanistan

The notion of humanitarian war is causing problems for aid agencies in the region, says William Shawcross.

Op-Ed / Global

Stop this racism

Op-Ed / Asia

Indonesia's Military Culture Has to Be Reformed

Despite the continuing turmoil in Indonesia, foreign governments have quietly been reviewing their ties to the country's military. They have a real dilemma.

He's Never Played Fair. He Wont Start Now.

In the current issue of the Yugoslav newsweekly Vreme is a photograph of an anonymous piece of graffiti in Serbian. It reads: "We are all Carla Del Ponte."

Op-Ed / Europe & Central Asia

Yes to a Hague-on-the-Danube Trial for Milosevic

If Belgrade won't send Slobodan Milosevic to The Hague, there is every good reason for The Hague to come to Belgrade and try him there. The hints given to Madeleine Albright in Washington by Yugoslavia's new foreign minister, Goran Svilanovic, that this course may be acceptable to the Kostunica administration should be welcomed with open arms.

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