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Jihad in Modern Conflict


20 September 2021

Misunderstanding Yemen

25 February 2021

The War in the Sahel

31 January 2018

Watch List 2018

10 July 2017

The War After the War

24 February 2017

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21 December 2016

WSJ: Asia’s New Insurgency

22 September 2016
المخاطر التي تنتظر عراق ما بعد داعش

The Perils of a Post-ISIS Iraq

24 March 2016
Why Belgium?

Why Belgium?

19 February 2016

The Cybersecurity Paradox

In The News

2 Aug 2022
Al-Qaeda does not currently have the ability to perpetrate large-scale attacks in western countries, nor the intention. Middle East Eye

Jerome Drevon

Senior Analyst in Jihad and Modern Conflict
21 Jan 2022
Jailbreaks and prison riots were a central component of IS resurgence in Iraq and are a serious threat in Syria today. France24

Dareen Khalifa

Senior Analyst, Syria
12 Jan 2022
As long as the election cycle and current tensions [in Somalia] drag on, the attention of the political elite will be more inwardly focused, while other priorities lag behind. The New York Times

Omar Mahmood

Senior Analyst, Eastern Africa
27 Dec 2021
When the political elite [in Somalia] are focused on each other, attention turns away from the battle against al-Shabab. The Washington Post

Omar Mahmood

Senior Analyst, Eastern Africa
13 Sep 2021
Unfortunately, while in much of the world 9/11 is viewed as in the past, in Africa, the legacy of those attacks lives on. The World

Murithi Mutiga

Program Director, Africa
27 Aug 2021
If France is to withdraw [from the Sahel] in a drastic manner as the U.S. did [from Afghanistan], the balance of power is likely to shift in favor of the jihadists. Washington Post

Ibrahim Yahaya Ibrahim

Consulting Analyst, Sahel