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Archive by Region

Q&A / Africa

Alpha Condé a ouvert la voie au retour de l’armée à la tête de son pays

Renversé le 5 septembre, le président Condé, par son entêtement à conserver le pouvoir, avait préparé le terrain à la prise de contrôle militaire. Dans ce Q&A, les experts de Crisis Group, Vincent Foucher et Rinaldo Depagne, alertent sur une tendance inquiétante en Afrique de l’Ouest qu’illustre ce nouveau coup d’Etat.

Also available in English
Podcast / Africa

Eastern Africa’s Jihadis: The “War on Terror”

In the final episode of a mini-series of The Horn exploring jihadism in East Africa, Alan Boswell speaks with Murithi Mutiga, Mary Harper and Michael Woldemariam about how the post-9/11 global “war on terror” changed the Horn of Africa, and what comes next.

Special Coverage

The Legacy of 9/11 and the “War on Terror”: A Special Series

Crisis Group experts contribute their views on how the 9/11 attacks and the subsequent “war on terror” shaped the conflicts and crises they work on.

Al-Qaeda’s Virulent Strain in Iraq

As part of our series The Legacy of 9/11 and the “War on Terror”, Joost Hiltermann argues that the U.S. invasion of Iraq gave rise to a fierce variety of Sunni Islamist militancy, one just as intent on killing Shiite Muslims as on fighting the U.S. occupation.

Also available in العربية
Op-Ed / Asia

Hostage Diplomacy Is Against China’s Interests

Normalized relations between China and the West should not be taken for granted. The fates of the two Michaels are test cases for the direction Beijing chooses.

Originally published in The Diplomat

Podcast / Asia

Afghanistan: the Islamic State, still no Taliban government and a looming humanitarian catastrophe

In this episode of Hold Your Fire!, Richard Atwood and Naz Modirzadeh talk with Afghanistan experts Ibraheem Bahiss and Graeme Smith about the Taliban’s relationship to transnational militancy, including its efforts to fight the Islamic State’s local chapter and its ties to al-Qaeda. They also discuss why the Taliban are taking so long to form a government, the growing humanitarian crisis and how the region and West have responded so far.

Briefing Note / Asia

Afghanistan’s Growing Humanitarian Crisis

Since the Taliban took power in Afghanistan, the humanitarian emergency there has become even more dire. This briefing note outlines the most pressing issues and steps to help relieve the suffering.

Podcast / Africa

Eastern Africa’s Jihadis: The Big Picture

In this episode of the The Horn’s mini-series exploring jihadism along the Swahili coast, Alan Boswell and Rashid Abdi discuss the connections and competition among jihadist groups in the region and the future prospects for governments to counter their militant movements.

Venezuela: Making the Most of the Mexican Breakthrough

A fresh series of talks to address Venezuela’s profound political crisis are afoot in Mexico City. The discussions will likely be long and cumbersome, but there is space for partial and early agreements that could improve everyday life for Venezuelans.

Also available in Español
Commentary / Asia

With the Taliban Back in Kabul, Regional Powers Watch and Wait

The Taliban’s return to power raises questions not only about how the movement will use its newfound authority but also about what Afghanistan’s neighbours will do in response. Crisis Group experts offer a 360-degree view of these countries’ initial reactions and what is behind them.