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Chad’s Transition: Easing Tensions Online

Chadians’ growing use of social media could prove a boon for the country’s political transition, but it could also fuel violence offline. With donor backing, authorities, civil society, online platforms and influencers should work to ensure social media remains a space for democratic debate rather than an accelerator of conflict.

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Podcast / Africa

After the Crackdowns, is Chad’s Transition Unravelling?

This week on Hold Your Fire!, Richard Atwood speaks with Enrica Picco, Crisis Group’s Central Africa director, about the security forces’ crackdown on protesters in Chad last week, prospects for a return to civilian rule and whether more violence is likely.

Video / Africa

Averting Chaos in Chad | Eviter le chaos au Tchad

In this video, Crisis Group’s Central Africa Project Director takes a look at what's happening in Chad and what can be done to avert further violence.

Op-Ed / Africa

Tchad : le choix de Mahamat Déby

Enrica Picco, d’International Crisis Group, appelle le président de transition à nommer une commission d’enquête indépendante pour faire la lumière sur la répression des manifestations du 20 octobre.

Op-Ed / Africa

Cameroon’s Anglophone conflict: Children should be able to return to school

Since 2017, fighting between separatist insurgents and the military has disrupted the education of over 700,000 children in Cameroon’s two Anglophone regions. As the school year starts in September, education in the conflict-affected regions is at risk again. The two sides should strive to protect schools from being attacked and keep classrooms open.

Commentary / Africa

Central African Republic: Averting Further Fragmentation of the Armed Forces

Disbanded in 2013, today the Central African army is present throughout the country. But structural problems could weaken it once again. To avoid a downward spiral, Bangui and its international partners should apply the principles laid out in the 2017 National Defence Plan.

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Op-Ed / Africa

Women are suffering in Cameroon’s war, but they also hold the key to peace

As anglophone separatists continue their conflict with the government, women’s voices must be heard to find a solution.

Event Recording / Africa

Women and the Search for Peace in Cameroon (Online Event, 3rd March 2022)

In this virtual roundtable, Crisis Group's Cameroon Senior Analyst and invited experts discuss the current situation in the Anglophone regions and the role of women in setting the foundations of future peace.

Report / Africa

Rebels, Victims, Peacebuilders: Women in Cameroon’s Anglophone Conflict

Years of fighting between separatists and the state in Cameroon have hit women hard, uprooting hundreds of thousands. The government and external partners should step up aid for the displaced. Donors should start planning now for including women activists in future peace talks. 

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