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Behind the Debate over U.S. Military Aid to Ukraine

Two years after Russia’s all-out invasion of Ukraine, Washington is struggling to maintain support for Kyiv. A new assistance package is stuck in Congress. In this Q&A, Crisis Group expert Sarah Harrison explains what is causing the holdup and what it could mean for the war. 

Statement / United States

The International Crisis Group Responds to Letter from Congress to DOJ

Crisis Group responds to the latest mischaracterisations of its work.

Podcast / United States

The Future of Republican Foreign Policy

In this episode of Ripple Effect, Stephen Pomper and Michael Hanna are joined by Kori Schake, Senior Fellow and Director of Foreign and Defence Policy Studies at the American Enterprise Institute, to discuss the main foreign policy debates animating the Republican primaries.

Podcast / United States

U.S. Foreign Policy in the Shadow of the 2024 Elections with Colin Kahl

In the first episode of Ripple Effect, Stephen Pomper and Michael Hanna are joined by Colin Kahl, former under-secretary of defence for policy in the Biden administration, to assess U.S. foreign policy as the 2024 presidential election campaign picks up.

Podcast / United States

Ripple Effect

On Ripple Effect, Stephen Pomper and Michael Hanna discuss with expert guests what’s at stake for U.S. foreign policy heading into the 2024 presidential election and what a change in Washington could mean for the conflicts and crises around the world.

No Exit From Gaza

Why Israel—and the United States—Has Only Bad Options for the Day After

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Op-Ed / United States

Is Washington Responsible for What Israel Does With American Weapons?

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) Conduct in Gaza Should Prompt Scrutiny of U.S. Arms Transfers.

Understanding the Risks of U.S.-Iran Escalation amid the Gaza Conflict

Terrible as the Gaza war’s toll has already been, it would get worse if sustained fighting were to erupt between the U.S. and Iran or its Middle East allies. Crisis Group experts Brian Finucane, Lahib Higel, Naysan Rafati and Ali Vaez lay out the dangers.

Also available in العربية

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