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Southern Africa

Report / Africa

All Bark and No Bite? The International Response to Zimbabwe’s Crisis

The 9-10 March 2002 presidential election is the decisive date for Zimbabwe's intensifying crisis. With political violence escalating, new repressive legislation has highlighted the government’s efforts to clamp down on the media, the judicial system, civil society and the political opposition in order to retain power by any means.

Op-Ed / Africa

Hit Mugabe Hard Where it Hurts, now

Personal sanctions on Zimbabwe's President might slow his destructive ways, writes Gareth Evans.

Originally published in The Sydney Morning Herald

Briefing / Africa

Zimbabwe's Election: The Stakes for Southern Africa

Since the intensification of Zimbabwe’s political, economic and humanitarian crisis following defeat of a government-sponsored constitution in a national referendum nearly two years ago, the International Crisis Group (ICG) has documented the escalation of state-sponsored violence and erosion of the rule of law. ICG has called for robust action by the international community, especially Zimbabwe’s neighbours and partners in the regional Southern African Development Community (SADC).

Op-Ed / Africa

Only sanctions can stop Mugabe

Robert Mugabe has reneged on the Abuja deal and is ready to destroy democracy with violence. The international community must now target the regime directly. President Robert Mugabe can't believe his luck. At the beginning of September, he faced humiliating public criticism and an ultimatum for the first time from fellow African leaders.

Originally published in The Observer

Briefing / Africa

Zimbabwe: Time for International Action

The International Crisis Group (ICG) published a detailed report in summer 2001 that found Zimbabwe to be in a severe political and economic crisis, characterised by state-directed violence aimed at crushing political opposition and by growing potential for internal conflict and regional instability.

Op-Ed / Africa

Ground Zimbabwe's Jet-Setting Despots

Originally published in The Washington Post

Report / Africa

Zimbabwe in Crisis: Finding a Way Forward

Zimbabwe is in a state of free fall. It is embroiled in the worst political and economic crisis of its twenty-year history as an independent state. The crisis has negatively affected virtually every aspect of the country and every segment of the population.

Briefing / Africa

Zimbabwe Update: Three Months after the Elections

In the immediate aftermath of Zimbabwe's 24-25 June 2000 Parliamentary elections, many Zimbabweans optimistically expected that their country would begin to return to normal-leaving behind the six months of violence, intimidation, farm invasions, racist political rhetoric, and erosion of the rule of law.

Report / Africa

Zimbabwe: At the Crossroads

Zimbabwe's 24-25 June 2000 parliamentary election resulted in President Robert Mugabe's ruling ZANU (PF) party retaining power. However, the nine month old opposition party, the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC), made an impressive showing, winning 57 of the 120 contested seats.