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Crisis Group Condemns Detention of Mohamed ElBaradei and Violence against Demonstrators

The International Crisis Group strongly condemns the detention of Mohamed ElBaradei in Cairo today.

Egypt’s Muslim Brothers: Confrontation or Integration?

The Society of Muslim Brothers’ success in the November-December 2005 elections for the People’s Assembly sent shockwaves through Egypt’s political system.

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Egypt’s Sinai Question

Terrorism returned to Egypt in 2004 after an absence of seven years with successive attacks and the emergence of a heretofore unknown movement in Sinai. The government’s reaction essentially has been confined to the security sphere: tracking down and eliminating the terrorists.

Also available in العربية, Français

Egypt's Sinai Problem

Originally published in The Independent

Reforming Egypt: In Search of a Strategy

Egypt's first multi-candidate presidential election, a response to U.S. pressure, was a false start for reform. Formal pluralism has never seriously limited the dominance of President Mubarak's National Democratic Party (NDP); extension to the presidential level is a token so long as the opposition is too weak to produce plausible candidates.

Also available in العربية

Islamism in North Africa I: The Legacies of History

Islamism, terrorism, reform: the triangle formed by these three concepts and the complex and changeable realities to which they refer is at the centre of political debate in and about North Africa today.

Islamism in North Africa II: Egypt's Opportunity

Important changes in the outlook of Egyptian Islamic activism in recent years have opened up possibilities for progressive political development, but these have gone unexploited because of the conservatism of the Egyptian government's policies.

Briefing / Middle East & North Africa

The Challenge of Political Reform: Egypt After the Iraq War

This briefing is one of a series of occasional ICG briefing papers and reports that will address the issue of political reform in the Middle East and North Africa. The absence of a credible political life in most parts of the region, while not necessarily bound to produce violent conflict, is intimately connected to a host of questions that affect its longer-term stability: