The Conflict in Yemen Is More Than a Proxy War

Why Local Grievances Cannot Be Overlooked in Any Peace Process

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It’s make or break time for Nagorno-Karabakh’s future

Armenia and Azerbaijan are holding peace talks in Washington DC. It’s a critical moment for Nagorno-Karabakh

What will Ukraine do with Russian collaborators? Revenge would be a mistake

Mass indictments would sow suspicion in communities, overwhelm the legal system and sideline a vital workforce


New-Model Proxy Wars

After a relative lull following the end of the Cold War, violent conflicts have proliferated around the world since the turn of the century, and they generally proven to be more protracted than in the past. Among the biggest factors behind this disturbing trend is the rise of interventionist "middle powers."

Tech Companies Are Fighting for Ukraine. But Will They Help Save Lives in Other Global Conflicts?

Social networks and tech corporations have become significant actors in hybrid warfare, but much work is needed to determine how they can contribute to the broader efforts of preventing and resolving deadly conflicts.

Op-Ed / Africa

Sudan and the New Age of Conflict

How Regional Power Politics are Fueling Deadly Wars

Op-Ed / Asia

Manila’s Focus on External Defense Needs Peace in Mindanao

Despite its increasing focus on external threats, the Philippine government can’t afford to take the Bangsamoro peace process for granted.

Can Ukraine Get Justice Without Thwarting Peace?

Now Is Not the Time to Create a Special Tribunal for Russia

The Path to a New Iran Deal

A Regional Agreement Could Succeed Where Washington Failed

The World Isn’t Slipping Away From the West

The United States and Europe get a few things wrong about global attitudes toward Russia’s war in Ukraine.

Op-Ed / Asia

Why Inclusion Matters for Myanmar’s Resistance

In defiance of prevailing patriarchal norms, young women are playing instrumental roles in the country’s “Spring Revolution.”

Op-Ed / Europe & Central Asia

North Kosovo Won’t be Stable While Belgrade and Pristina are at Loggerheads

The barricades may be down for now, but long-term peace in northern Kosovo depends on a final agreement between Kosovo and Serbia.

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