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Podcast: Criminal Cartels and Rule of Law in Mexico

Javier Ciurlizza, Crisis Group's Latin America Program Director, looks at the challenges and opportunities Mexico faces as it combats drug violence.

Podcast / Asia

North Korea's Nuclear Calculus

Daniel Pinkston, North East Asia Project Deputy Director, breaks down North Korea's risky nuclear brinkmanship and how the international community should respond.

Ali Vaez Explains The Making and Unmaking of Iran Sanctions

Ali Vaez, Senior Iran Analyst for the International Crisis Group, discusses the latest round of talks between Iran and the P5+1 on sanctions and Iran's nuclear enrichment program.

It’s Time for a National Consensus in Haiti

Delayed elections, mistrust and public protests against Haitian President Michel Martelly threaten the country’s chance to end decades of political conflict and to recover from the 2010 earthquake. Without a national accord, the country risks ongoing crises. Javier Ciurlizza, Crisis Group Program Director for Latin America and the Caribbean, tells us more on the current challenges Haiti is facing.

Also available in Español
Podcast / Africa

L'enjeu des négociations de Kampala : Comment sortir du cycle des rébellions ?

Thierry Vircoulon, Directeur du projet Afrique centrale, discute les solutions possibles pour améliorer la crise dans les Kivus.

Podcast: Peace at Last in Colombia?

Mark Schneider, Senior Vice-President and Special Adviser on Latin America, talks with Kimberly Abbott, Communications Director for North America, about the peace negotiations taking place next week in Oslo between the government of Colombia and FARC, aiming at finding a political solution to the Western Hemisphere’s oldest conflict.

Podcast / Africa

Ethiopia's Transition

Prime Minister Meles Zenawi died on 20 August 2012. Emilio Manfredi, Crisis Group’s Ethiopia Analyst, explains the profound national and regional consequences of the passing of the man who ruled the country for over two decades.

Iraq's Political Crisis

Joost Hiltermann, Crisis Group's Deputy Director for the Middle East and North Africa, discusses the political crisis developing in Iraq over the possibility of Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki seeking a third term.

Libya’s Post-Electoral Challenges

Just prior to the elections in Libya, Crisis Group issued a conflict alert regarding potential disruptions by armed groups in the east and the risk of an election boycott. Claudia Gazzini, Senior Analyst for Libya, looks at the outcome of the elections and the challenges ahead.