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Podcast / Africa

The Horn of Africa Food Crisis

Famine has again struck the Horn of Africa. Somalia, Ethiopia and Kenya have experienced widespread malnourishment, with almost 4 million people in need of immediate assistance in Somalia alone. EJ Hogendoorn, Crisis Group’s Horn of Africa Project Director, discusses the famine’s causes and implications.

Podcast / Asia

Myanmar: The Changing Scene

Jim Della-Giacoma, Crisis Group’s South East Asia Project Director, discusses changes in Myanmar and the steps international organizations and governments should take to encourage development.

Podcast / Africa

Two Sudans: the Challenges Ahead

As South Sudan secedes from the north, tensions between the two continue. Key issues have yet to be resolved, including many points of shared economic and political policy. EJ Hogendoorn, Crisis Group's Horn of Africa Project Director, discusses the challenges facing the two Sudans.

Podcast / Africa

Tchad : Vers une nouvelle dynamique régionale ?

Saad Adoum, analyste principal de Crisis Group pour le Tchad, nous parle de l’évolution de la politique pétrolière tchadienne suite à l’influence croissante de la Chine, de l’impact de la crise libyenne sur le pays, et des conséquences de la réconciliation tchado-soudanaise sur la situation militaire du Tchad.

Podcast / Asia

Afghanistan: The Spreading Insurgency

Insurgent activity in Afghanistan has now spread beyond traditional strongholds in the south to districts surrounding the capital, exposing the slow erosion of security in the Afghan heartland. Candace Rondeaux, Crisis Group’s Senior Analyst for Afghanistan, discusses the implications of U.S. withdrawal for the evolving Afghan insurgency.

Haiti's Displaced

A year and a half after the 2010 earthquake, hundreds of thousands continue to subsist in Haiti's displaced persons camps, where they remain vulnerable both to rising crime rates and to the 2011 storm season. Mark Schneider, Crisis Group's Senior Vice President and Special Adviser on Latin America, looks at why the greatest challenge facing Haiti's new president, Michel Martelly, may be resettling the country's displaced. 

Commentary / Africa

Guinée-Bissau: Surmonter les tensions entre civils et militaires

Vincent Foucher, analyste principal de Crisis Group pour la Guinée-Bissau, examine la situation politique actuelle du pays après le retour des militaires sur la scène politique en avril 2010, le rôle de l’Angola, et les mesures à envisager au niveau national et régional afin d’éviter un blocage.

Also available in Português
Podcast / Africa

Somalia's Power Struggle

 On June 19, Somalia’s prime minister stepped down amid ongoing violence between the country's Transitional Federal Government and the Islamist group al-Shabab. His resignation followed a power struggle between the president and speaker of the parliament. EJ Hogendoorn, Crisis Group’s Horn of Africa Project Director, discusses the implications for Somalia.

Podcast / Africa

Nigeria: On the right path?

Kunle Amuwo, Crisis Group’s Senior Analyst for Nigeria, talks about the lessons learnt from the country’s last elections, the speculations about renewed separatist tensions and the challenges President Jonathan Goodluck will be facing in the coming months.

Also available in Français
Podcast / Africa

Guinea: The Next Steps

Vincent Foucher, Crisis Group’s West Africa Senior Analyst, talks about the upcoming legislative elections in Guinea and the role of the military in the new regime.

Also available in Français