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Reports & Briefings

Briefing / Latin America & Caribbean

Haiti: A Path to Stability for a Nation in Shock

Haiti is reeling from the president’s assassination, a major earthquake and a severe tropical storm. The country needs urgent assistance, and its planned elections can wait. Outside powers should channel aid through local civil society groups, help investigate high-level crimes and support pressing reforms.

Also available in Español, Français
Report / Latin America & Caribbean

Governing Haiti: Time for National Consensus

Without an inclusive national pact on critical priorities, President Michel Martelly faces the spectre of a failed presidency, and Haiti risks international abandonment.

Also available in Español, Français, Haitian Creole and other languages

Towards a Post-MINUSTAH Haiti: Making an Effective Transition

The UN Stabilisation Mission in Haiti (MIN­U­­­STAH) needs a gradual reconfiguration of its operations prior to a withdrawal, to avoid a security vacuum and give Haiti the chance for sustainable development.

Also available in Haitian Creole, Português, Français and other languages

Keeping Haiti Safe: Justice Reform

A dysfunctional justice system continues to pose significant obstacles to the democratic process in a post-earthquake Haiti where security and stability remain fragile.

Also available in Français, Haitian Creole
Briefing / Latin America & Caribbean

Keeping Haiti Safe: Police Reform

Kidnapping, urban gangs and unresolved killings form a trifecta of challenges to citizen safety that the four month-old Martelly administation must confront by speedily completing reforms to professionalise the Haitian National Police(HNP).

Also available in Español, Français, Haitian Creole and other languages

Post-quake Haiti: Security Depends on Resettlement and Development

A year and a half after a deadly earthquake devastated its capital, 650,000 victims still wait for permanent housing in more than 1,000 unstable emergency camps across Haiti as a new hurricane season arrives.

Also available in Español, Haitian Creole
Report / Latin America & Caribbean

Haiti: The Stakes of the Post-Quake Elections

Haitian authorities and the international community need to ensure that the first post-quake elections meet acceptable standards of credibility and produce the legitimate government needed to carry through massive institutional and infrastructure reconstruction.

Haiti: Stabilisation and Reconstruction after the Quake

As a critical strategy conference convenes today at the UN, a Haitian-owned and led process, based on broad consensus among Haitians and with resolute international support, is needed to build the country back better after the devastating earthquake.

Also available in Français

Haiti: Saving the Environment, Preventing Instability and Conflict

Reversing a decades-long trend of environmental destruction is essential to Haiti’s development, social and economic stability and, ultimately, security.

Haiti 2009: Stability at Risk

A series of crises in 2008 have increased the potential for serious trouble in Haiti this year.