Lord (Mark) Malloch-Brown talks about climate finance shortcomings

Crisis Group co-founder Lord (Mark) Malloch-Brown talks about the shortcomings of global climate financing efforts and explains how conflict-affected countries are the most impacted by this conundrum.


Susana Malcorra talks about climate finance and its challenges

Crisis Group's co-chair Susana Malcorra talks about how conflict-affected countries receive less support to deal with the impacts of climate change and why this is problematic.

Video / Africa

Climate and Conflict at COP27

This video stresses the need to acknowledge the role climate plays in conflict dynamics and the need to ensure climate financing mechanisms are conflict sensitive at COP27.

Video / Africa

Climate Change and Conflict in Somalia

In this video, Crisis Group staff speak about the complex relationship between climate change and violent conflict in Somalia.

How to Put Libya Back on Track

In this In Black & White video, Crisis Group's Expert Claudia Gazzini explains that the only way to put Libya back on track is to maintain and strengthen a multitrack approach to Libya's problem.

Time for Latin America to Bridge its Divides

In this video, Crisis Group's Director for Latin America and Caribbean looks at the potential benefits brought by changing political landscapes in Latin America.

Video / Africa

Averting Chaos in Chad | Eviter le chaos au Tchad

In this video, Crisis Group’s Central Africa Project Director takes a look at what's happening in Chad and what can be done to avert further violence.

Drought and Conflict in Laikipia, Kenya

Climate change, politics and resource competition are colliding again in a deadly combination on Kenya’s fertile Laikipia plateau. Crisis Group visited the region and talked with herders and farmers about the devastating drought, the loss of cattle, the violence in the area and intercommunal tensions.

Video / Africa

There is very little time left to save lives in Somalia

Crisis Group's Nazanine Moshiri visits a camp in Dollow, a town situated on Somalia’s border with Ethiopia, where thousands fleeing drought and conflict are now seeking shelter. 

Video / Europe & Central Asia

Ukrainian Refugees and the Coming Winter

In this video, Crisis Group analysts Simon Schlegel and Azadeh Moaveni sit down in Warsaw to discuss the mass movement of Ukrainians following the start of the Ukraine-Russia war, and how the situation could become more precarious in winter.


Comfort Ero on Crisis Group's Mission

Crisis Group's President & CEO Comfort Ero speaks about the organisation's work and mandate, and reflects on her personal story and her relation with conflict prevention.

The situation in Ukraine is more dangerous than before

Crisis Group’s Program Director for Europe and Central Asia, Olga Oliker, speaks about the current situation in Ukraine, why it's more dangerous now than when Russia invaded in February and what can be done to de-escalate it.


Rewind: The Impact of Conflict Prevention

What does preventing conflict actually look like? In our new video series, Crisis Group's analysts recall their experiences and how their work warned about or helped to prevent crises.

Video / Europe & Central Asia

Is Russia bluffing or perhaps misunderstanding Ukraine?

In this short interview, Crisis Group's ECA Director Olga Oliker explains why she thinks Russia's building up of forces near Ukraine may not be a bluff, but rather the result of Moscow misunderstanding of Ukraine.

Video / Asia

Myanmar's Military Coup: One Year On

In this short interview, Crisis Group's Myanmar expert Richard Horsey assesses the situation in Myanmar one year after the military coup, and what the future may hold.

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