Haiti: Saving the Environment, Preventing Instability and Conflict

Bernice Robertson, Crisis Group's Analyst for Haiti, talks about the need to reverse Haiti's decades-long trend of environmental destruction.

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Sudan: The Rebel Alliance

A new alliance of Darfur rebel groups with the declared goal of regime change threatens the Doha peace process. Fouad Hikmat, Crisis Group African Union Sudan Special Adviser, explains that if the peace process is to have any chance of success, it must be inclusive.

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About Crisis Group

The International Crisis Group is now generally recognised as the world's leading independent, non-partisan source of analysis and advice to governments and intergovernmental bodies like the United Nations, European Union and World Bank, on the prevention and resolution of deadly conflict.

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Louise Arbour on War Crimes in Sri Lanka

Crisis Group President and CEO Louise Arbour presents the report War Crimes in Sri Lanka and analyses and the Sri Lankan government's response to the report thus far.

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Afghanistan: After the Withdrawal

Several international conferences on Afghanistan are trying to chart the country's future after the planned 2014 U.S. withdrawal. Robert Templer, Crisis Group's Asia Program Director, warns of the deteriorating security and regional interference likely to accompany the U.S. drawdown of troops.

Video - Drug Trafficking and Violence in Guatemala

Mark Schneider, Crisis Group's Senior Vice President and Special Adviser on Latin America, discusses the growing threat of drug traffickers in Guatemala.

Crime and Politics in Latin America

Javier Ciurlizza, Crisis Group's Latin American Program Director, discusses the growing power of criminal organisations across Latin America and the strategies to combat their influence.

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Crisis Group Global Briefing 2010

Highlights from 2010 Global Briefing, Crisis Group’s flagship annual foreign policy event in Brussels.

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Louise Arbour on Sudan in 2010

Louise Arbour, President of the International Crisis Group, discusses the challenges facing Sudan in 2010.

Video / Asia

Pakistan's Displacement Crisis

The Pakistani army's recent campaigns against militants in the country's northwest has led to the displacement of millions. In this exclusive video, Crisis Group visits an IDP camp outside Islamabad to see the impact on the ground.

Video / Africa

Obama and Africa


Crisis Group Deputy President Donald Steinberg explains what Barack Obama's 2008 election means for Africa. 

Video / Asia

Pakistan: Reforming the Judiciary

In this video, Crisis Group's Samina Ahmed speaks about the situation in Pakistan, as outlined in Crisis Group's Asia Report Reforming the Judiciary in Pakistan.

Reunifying Cyprus: The Best Chance Yet

This video presents Crisis Group Europe Report 194, "Reunifying Cyprus: The Best Chance Yet". 

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Crisis Group About Video

This video features cameos of the organisation's successes over the years, along with interviews with Crisis Group field staff from around the world who explain how they conduct their unique field research and analysis, and deliver their policy prescriptions to decision-makers at all levels of government.

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