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VIDEO | Unrest on Repeat: Towards Stability in Peru

In this video, Crisis Group explores the causes behind the high rates of dissatisfaction with democracy and government institutions in Peru, which are higher than in any other country in Latin America.

Unrest on Repeat: Plotting a Route to Stability in Peru

No country in Latin America suffers higher rates of dissatisfaction with democracy and government institutions than Peru. Absent remedies for political polarisation and state dysfunction, the mass protests that rocked the country in late 2022 could easily recur, bringing comparably violent crackdowns.

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Q&A / Latin America & Caribbean

Is There a Way Out of Peru’s Strife?

Mass protest has rocked Peru for two months, leading to 60 deaths. In this Q&A, Crisis Group expert Glaeldys González Calanche explains the root causes of the crisis and sketches some possible ways forward.

Also available in Español

Coca, Drugs and Social Protest in Bolivia and Peru

Bolivia and Peru are becoming a second, though compared to Colombia still relatively small-scale, pole of cocaine production in the Andes, feeding in particular a growing Latin American market in addition to the traditional U.S. and European markets.

Also available in Español

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