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Q&A / Africa

Chad: Averting the Risk of Post-transition Instability

Chadians will soon elect a new president, concluding a three-year political transition that will almost certainly see the incumbent Mahamat Déby Itno retain power. In this Q&A, Crisis Group experts Enrica Picco and Charles Bouëssel examine the issues at stake and the possible threats to the country’s stability after the vote. 

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Podcast / Africa

Chad’s Young New Ruler Tightens His Grip

This week on The Horn, Alan is joined by Crisis Group’s Central Africa Director Enrica Picco to discuss Mahamat Déby’s rule in Chad ahead of elections in May, the crackdowns on opposition, the fallout of the war in Sudan and the great power competition in the country. 

Q&A / Africa

The Fallout in Chad from the Fighting in Darfur

War in Sudan’s Darfur region has triggered a refugee crisis in eastern Chad and raised concerns that turmoil could spread. In this Q&A, Crisis Group expert Enrica Picco draws upon research at the Chad-Sudan border to explain the challenges facing N’Djamena. 

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Briefing / Africa

Chad’s Transition: Easing Tensions Online

Chadians’ growing use of social media could prove a boon for the country’s political transition, but it could also fuel violence offline. With donor backing, authorities, civil society, online platforms and influencers should work to ensure social media remains a space for democratic debate rather than an accelerator of conflict.

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Podcast / Africa

After the Crackdowns, is Chad’s Transition Unravelling?

This week on Hold Your Fire!, Richard Atwood speaks with Enrica Picco, Crisis Group’s Central Africa director, about the security forces’ crackdown on protesters in Chad last week, prospects for a return to civilian rule and whether more violence is likely.

Video / Africa

Averting Chaos in Chad | Eviter le chaos au Tchad

In this video, Crisis Group’s Central Africa Project Director takes a look at what's happening in Chad and what can be done to avert further violence.

Commentary / Africa

Getting Chad’s Transition on Track

Five months after President Idriss Déby’s sudden death, Chadian authorities are preparing a highly anticipated national dialogue. The country faces significant challenges as it charts a course to civilian rule.

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Podcast / Africa

What Déby’s Death Means for Chad and the Region

This week on Hold Your Fire!, Richard Atwood and Naz Modirzadeh talk to Crisis Group experts Richard Moncrieff and Claudia Gazzini about the death of Chadian President Idriss Déby and its consequences for Chad and the region.

Q&A / Africa

Chad: What are the risks after Idriss Déby’s death?

The death of Chad’s President Idriss Déby has plunged the country into uncertainty, causing concern among many Chadians and in neighbouring states. Crisis Group looks at recent events and examines the main risks facing the country.

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Report / Africa

New Challenges for Chad’s Army

The Chadian army, while essential to counter-terrorism operations in the Sahel, is also a source of potential instability for the country. Chadian authorities, supported by their international partners, should build a more representative and professional army, and establish safeguards to discourage violence in the event of a succession crisis. 

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