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The Middle East Could Still Explode

Iran and Israel May Not Be Finished.

Why Israel-Iran War Is a Lifeline for Netanyahu

An isolated leader who faced widespread criticism a week ago now has the backing of the West and has deflected global attention from Gaza.

The Problem Isn’t Just Netanyahu, It’s Israeli Society

Despite blaming the prime minister, a large majority of Jewish Israeli citizens support his destructive policies in Gaza and beyond.

Op-Ed / Global

The Trouble With “the Global South”

What the West Gets Wrong About the Rest

America, Iran, and the Patron’s Dilemma

The Backers of Israel and Hamas Didn’t Start the War in Gaza—but They Can End It

Also available in Arabic
Op-Ed / Africa

In Eastern DR Congo, “The Regional War is Already Happening”

The eastern Democratic Republic of Congo has become a battleground for several regional armies and numerous rebel bands. Crisis Group expert Onesphore Sematumba explains the ins and outs of the deadly conflict in this interview.  

Also available in Français

How Israel Mastered Information Warfare in Gaza

Pro-Israel misinformation aimed at dismissing and discrediting Palestinian narratives is the fruit of a decade-long effort.

Biden’s New Policy on Security Assistance, NSM-20, Will Not Save Gaza

While a step forward in some ways such as congressional reporting requirements, the policy memorandum’s loopholes and limitations will only create additional processes and maintain the status quo. 

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