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Speech / Global

The UN Security Council in the New Era of Great Power Competition

This paper was shared at a symposium on “The Past and Future of the United Nations Organization” hosted by the Centre for Grand Strategy at King’s College London on 30 May 2024.

Speech / Global

Comfort Ero's Acceptance Speech at UNA-UK, United Nations Day Reception

On 24 October, Crisis Group's President and CEO Comfort Ero delivered a speech when receiving The Sir Brian Urquhart Award from United Nations Association, UK (UNA-UK).

Speech / Asia

Speech at the Afghanistan Humanitarian Senior Officials Meeting

On 13 September, Crisis Group Asia Program Director Pierre Prakash spoke at the Afghanistan Humanitarian Senior Officials Meeting (SOM) at Brussels.

Speech / Africa

Speech to the UN Security Council on Counter-terrorism in Africa

On 10 November, Crisis Group’s President & CEO Comfort Ero spoke to the UN Security Council about stabilisation and counter-terrorism missions on the African continent.

Speech / Global

Priorities for the UN’s New Agenda for Peace

At a 4 August event in New York on implementation of the UN secretary-general’s report “Our Common Agenda”, Crisis Group’s Richard Gowan spoke about proposals for a “New Agenda for Peace” to guide the UN system’s work on peace and security.

Speech / Global

The Ukraine War and UN Reform

The text below is an extended version of a lecture given to the Geneva Centre for Security Policy on 3 May 2022.

Speech to the UNSC on Israel-Palestine

In 30 November remarks to the UN Security Council, Crisis Group's Interim Vice President Comfort Ero laid out arguments for rethinking the framework of peacemaking in Israel-Palestine as well as steps various parties can take to improve the situation on the ground in the meantime.

Also available in Arabic

Iran Navigates the World

In his prologue to The Geopolitics of Iran, edited by Francisco José B. S. Leandro, Carlos Branco, and Flavius Caba-Maria, our Middle East expert Joost Hiltermann says policymakers should come to grips with the country's lived experience to understand why dialogue and diplomacy are the best way to deal with the Islamic Republic.

Speech / Africa

Africa’s Peace and Security: The Pressures of COVID-19

In a 14 April 2021 address to Off-The-Record, Crisis Group's Interim Vice President and Africa Program Director Comfort Ero analyses the COVID-19 pandemic's impact on Africa to date and examines the biggest challenges facing the continent in its aftermath.

Speech / Asia

Myanmar on the Brink of State Failure

In a briefing to the UN Security Council’s 9 April 2021 'Arria-Formula' Meeting on the situation in Myanmar, Crisis Group’s Myanmar expert Richard Horsey warned that the country stands on the brink of state failure, and argued that there is every justification for the Council to impose an arms embargo on the regime.

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