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The Gaza War's Main Impacts on Egypt

In this video Riccardo Fabiani discusses how Cairo has turned the crisis somewhat to its advantage, leveraging Western fears that what is happening in Gaza could destabilise Egypt.

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Mapping Conflict

In this video series, Crisis Group experts use satellite imagery to examine developments in local and regional conflicts.

Video / Africa

Managing the Jihadist Takeover of Park W | Gérer la prise de contrôle par les jihadistes du Park W

In this video, Ibrahim Yahaya Ibrahim discusses the situation in West Africa's Park W, how we got here, and what can be done.

Video / Africa

Sudan: A Year of War (with Comfort Ero)

On 15 April, Sudan will mark a year since a power struggle between two branches of its armed forces exploded into full-scale conflict. In this video, Crisis Group's President and CEO Comfort Ero reflects on the effects of these twelve months of hostilities.

Fear and Silence: Life Under the Gaitanistas

In this video, Crisis Group's Senior Analyst for Colombia Elizabeth Dickinson talks with communities living in areas with a strong presence of the Gaitanista Self-Defence Force.

Video / Global

Susana Malcorra on women in diplomacy

In this video, Susana Malcorra speaks about the challenges faced by women who pursue careers in diplomacy and peacemaking.

The West Bank: Besieged by Violence

In this video, Senior Palestine Analyst Tahani Mustafa talks about the increase of violence against Palestinians in the West Bank since the 7th of October.

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Lord (Mark) Malloch Brown on the need to reform multilateral institutions

In this video, Lord (Mark) Malloch Brown discusses the precarious state of liberalism and democracy, and the bearing that this has upon multilateralism.

Video / Africa

Zeinab Badawi on the war in Sudan

Zeinab Badawi speaks about the failure of international diplomacy to respond effectively to the war in Sudan.

Video / Asia

Miriam Coronel-Ferrer: Looking back at the Bangsamoro peace process

In this video Miriam Coronel-Ferrer reflects on the gains made and challenges that remain for the Bangsamoro region ten years after the 2014 peace agreement.

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