media quotes - late addition
media quotes - late addition
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media quotes - late addition

17 August 2021
One of the realities that has been realized in the past two decades is that advancing human rights policy through military intervention is extremely difficult. Washington Post

Stephen Pomper

Chief of Policy
26 March 2022
The UN has to be cautious. I think, when it comes to specific policy issues like peacekeeping [in Ukraine]. CBC

Ashish Pradhan

Senior Advisor to the President
8 February 2023
The Malian army is now demonstrating its ability to organize complex operations, particularly in the center of the country. Le Monde

Ibrahim Maiga

Senior Adviser, Sahel
22 February 2023
What Somaliland is probably trying to do by saying there are terrorists involved in the fighting is to discredit their opponent. The Guardian

Nicolas Delaunay

Project Director, East and Southern Africa
5 October 2022
What we see in Mali is that Russia does not bring more security or improvements in the situation. The Russian army in Ukraine is not doing well, and in Mali, the Wagner Group is not doing well at all. Foreign Policy

Rinaldo Depagne

Deputy Program Director, Africa & Project Director, West Africa
23 February 2023
We must take these [Nigerian presidential elections] polls with a generous amount of salt.The poll samples are small and focusing on literate people. Reuters

Nnamdi Obasi

Senior Adviser, Nigeria
17 January 2023
Russian engagement in the Sahel is very low-cost [financially]. It is distracting the West and diminishing the West’s symbolic power. OZY

Franklin Nossiter

Researcher, Sahel
22 February 2023
Ce serait une erreur diplomatique de l’Occident que de trop forcer la main aux gouvernements africains sur le dossier ukrainien. Cela heurte beaucoup de sensibilités. Le Monde

Liesl Louw-Vaudran

Senior Adviser, African Union
5 August 2022
I think the reason why [Mukhtar Robow, ex-Al-Shabab leader] was brought from house arrest to the cabinet minister is to create a counter-narrative to that of al-Shabab. Al Jazeera

Zakaria Yusuf

Analyst, Somalia
23 February 2022
The authorities [in Cameroon] should persecute those who are responsible for crimes and include women in the peace process. VOA

Arrey Elvis Ntui

Consulting Senior Analyst, Cameroon
2 August 2022
Nous sommes préoccupés par le temps que le Kenya pourra consacrer à la politique étrangère et à la médiation régionale s'il est accaparé par tant de dossiers au niveau national. VOA

Meron Elias

East and Southern Africa Analyst
4 February 2022
Bissau has [a] special property: many key events never get really clarified, nobody is too sure who killed who. Financial Times

Vincent Foucher

Consulting Senior Analyst, West Africa
19 December 2022
At the moment, we think that China has not fully developed the capability to guarantee a sure victory if it chooses to launch a military option on Taiwan. CNA

Ivy Kwek

Former Giustra Fellow, China
28 December 2019
Les autorités [Birmanes] ont donc pris des mesures qui touchent à la liberté de mouvement. Les réfugiés n’ont plus le droit de sortir des camps et les autorités ont coupé les téléphones portables. RFI

Pierre Prakash

Program Director, Asia
25 August 2022
This regional rivalry between India and China is only bound to get more intense as it gets enmeshed with the great power rivalry between the US and China. TRTWORLD

Praveen Donthi

Senior Analyst, India
6 May 2022
Time has passed since the time of Martial Law, and if you look at the demographics, it is mostly older Filipinos who remember and are opposed to BBM. Foreign Policy

Georgi Engelbrecht

Senior Analyst, Philippines
10 November 2022
You might ask ‘why would the military be interested in negotiating to take them [Rohingya refugees] back when it was the one that forced them to leave for the military regime?’ The New Humanitarian

Thomas Kean

Senior Consultant, Myanmar & Bangladesh
10 May 2022
It’s really quite striking how much this defense effort has roots in [the Ukrainian] civil society. There are little networks of people who can buy almost anything, short of heavy weaponry. New York Times

Simon Schlegel

Senior Analyst, Ukraine
14 November 2022
Moscow also has leverage over Türkiye in other conflict zones such as Syria and the South Caucasus, as well as a vested interest in driving a wedge between Turkey and its NATO allies. Bloomberg

Nigar Göksel

Project Director, Türkiye
14 February 2023
[Nicaraguan President Ortega] would prefer to revert to a steady, low-level authoritarian government in which there are perhaps none of the more visible forms of abuses but continuing political control. Los Angeles Times

Ivan Briscoe

Senior Director for Policy
13 February 2023
[The gangs in Haiti are] running out of tools to control people. They extort, but there’s only so much money that can be extorted from people that are really poor. AP

Renata Segura

Program Director, Latin America and Caribbean
18 October 2022
As far as the U.S. and Europeans are concerned, Tehran’s positions on a couple of issues pretty much closed the door on JCPOA [Iran nuclear deal] negotiations in early September. Jerusalem Post

Naysan Rafati

Senior Analyst, Iran
5 July 2022
Given the Red Sea's strategic nature as a vital transport route; this [oil spill] can only further internationalise the Yemen war, which already became more complex due to outside involvement. Middle East Eye)

Joost Hiltermann

Program Director, Middle East and North Africa
14 October 2022
Israel and one of its neighbors [Lebanon] - a neighbor that doesn't officially recognize Israel - have come to a constructive solution for a conflict. And that's historic. DW

Heiko Wimmen

Project Director, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon
13 March 2023
We can see a de-escalation in the regional layer of the [Saudi-Iranian] conflict. It is a multi-layered conflict, with domestic and regional causes, not just a proxy war Financial Times

Ahmed Nagi

Senior Analyst, Yemen
9 January 2023
You see a lower operation tempo, what you might call GWOT-lite, but continuity in terms of deployments or even some increases in places in Africa. GRID

Brian Finucane

Senior Adviser, U.S.
4 November 2022
[U.S.] sanctions still have serious collateral impacts, which solutions like Treasury licenses do not fully address. The New Republic

Delaney Simon

Senior Analyst, U.S. Program
21 March 2022
No matter what happens next, the disruption wrought by Russia’s invasion will keep commodity prices high for the year. The Globe and Mail

Champa Patel

Former Consultant, Future of Conflict

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