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Bringing Back the Palestinian Refugee Question
Bringing Back the Palestinian Refugee Question
Table of Contents
  1. Executive Summary
Watch List 2018
Watch List 2018
Table of Contents
  1. Global Overview
  2. Table of Contents
  3. Africa
    1. Critical elections and democratic backsliding
    2. Spillover from the Gulf
    3. Europe’s relations with Africa
  • Cameroon: Electoral Uncertainty amid Multiple Security Threats
    1. Boko Haram: still a threat to a neglected region
    2. The Anglophone crisis: an insurgency in the making
    3. Uncertainties ahead
  • The Sahel: Promoting Political alongside Military Action
    1. Mali’s stalemated peace process
    2. An expanding crisis
    3. Going beyond military solutions
  • Zimbabwe: An Opportunity for Reform?
    1. A calibrated framework for EU engagement in Zimbabwe
    2. Asia
  • A Dangerous Escalation in Afghanistan
    1. A military strategy with no political framework
    2. Politics in crisis
    3. Making external influence more constructive
  • Myanmar/Bangladesh: A Humanitarian Calamity and a Two-country Crisis
    1. Prospects for repatriation
    2. Situation in Bangladesh
    3. Straddling two countries and competing preoccupations
    4. Europe and Central Asia
  • Ukraine: An Opportunity for Reinforced European Diplomacy
    1. The crisis in eastern Ukraine
    2. Anti-corruption and civic engagement
    3. Latin America and Caribbean
  • Security and Electoral Perils for Colombia’s Peace Accord
    1. Challenges to implementing the accord
    2. Recommendations
    3. Middle East and North Africa
  • Egypt’s Expanding Jihadist Threat
    1. Rising jihadist threat against civilians
    2. Fragmentation and disarray among jihadists may make them more dangerous
    3. What the European Union can do
  • Iraq’s Pre-election Turmoil
    1. Rule by PMUs
    2. An unravelling communal fabric
    3. Society’s militarisation
    4. Troubles in the Kurdish region
    5. An EU role in helping Iraq to stabilise
  • Strengthening Institutions in Tunisia
    1. Socio-economic unrest contributing to nostalgia for a strong state
    2. A constitution awaiting effective implementation
    3. What the EU can do
  • Bringing Back the Palestinian Refugee Question

    With Palestinians increasingly doubtful that the refugee question can be resolved within a two-state framework, the Palestinian leadership should seek to reinvigorate refugee communities as well as to reclaim its representation of them. When diplomacy emerges from its hiatus, the leadership will be able to negotiate and implement a peace agreement only if it wins refugees’ support or at least acquiescence.

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