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Gulf and Arabian Peninsula

Conflict Tracker Gulf and Arabian Peninsula
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29 Apr 2022
There’s a real frustration among Gulf Arab states with the way the West is dealing with this conflict [in Ukraine] versus how it has with other conflicts in the region. The National

Dina Esfandiary

Senior Advisor, Middle East and North Africa
7 Apr 2022
The announcement that [Yemen's President] Hadi is ceding his powers to a presidential council made up of key political and military figures with direct roles on the ground is A Big Deal. Al Jazeera

Peter Salisbury

Senior Analyst, Yemen
9 Mar 2022
The Russia-Ukraine crisis has certainly cast a darker shadow [over the Vienna Talks] than it did a few days ago. The Hill

Naysan Rafati

Senior Analyst, Iran
2 Mar 2022
If the negotiators [on the Iran nuclear deal] fail to bridge the remaining gaps, the best fall back option is a moratorium that averts a perilous cycle of escalation. Bloomberg

Ali Vaez

Senior Adviser to the President & Project Director, Iran
20 Feb 2022
Western economic restrictions are creating an economic crisis in the country which is driving tens of millions Afghans into starvation. The New York Times

Graeme Smith

Senior Consultant, Afghanistan
4 Feb 2022
[Iraq is] already part of Saudi-Iran tensions and will forever be a part of them as long as they exist. Al Jazeera

Lahib Higel

Senior Analyst, Iraq

Latest Updates

Behind the Yemen Truce and Presidential Council Announcements

The UN has brokered a surprise truce in Yemen’s long-running war, while the country’s internationally recognised president has handed over his powers to an eight-man council. In this Q&A, Crisis Group expert Peter Salisbury explains the significance of these developments.

Also available in العربية
Podcast / Global

The Fallout from Ukraine: Iran Talks Stalled; U.S. Woos Caracas?

In this week’s Hold Your Fire!, Richard Atwood is joined by Crisis Group’s Iran expert Naysan Rafati and Venezuela expert Phil Gunson to discuss the Ukraine war’s global repercussions.

Turkey’s PKK Conflict: A Regional Battleground in Flux

Turkey is increasingly relying on airpower in its fight against the PKK. New parties have been drawn into the conflict as it spreads to new theatres in Iraq and Syria, which, for now at least, complicates potential efforts to settle things down.

Our People

Ali Vaez

Senior Adviser to the President & Project Director, Iran

Naysan Rafati

Senior Analyst, Iran

Peter Salisbury

Senior Analyst, Yemen

Lahib Higel

Senior Analyst, Iraq

Veena Ali-Khan

Research Assistant, Yemen