War & Peace: Europe and Iran
War & Peace: Europe and Iran
Podcast / Middle East & North Africa 1 minute

War & Peace: Europe and Iran

This week on War & Peace, Olga Oliker and Hugh Pope discuss the 2015 Iran nuclear deal with Rob Malley, lead negotiator of the plan. They discuss Europe's contribution to the deal and the role of the EU and Russia in the ongoing standoff between the U.S. and Iran.

Season 1 Episode 1: Europe and Iran 

What was so significant about the 2015 Iran nuclear deal, and how important was Europe’s contribution to it? Why has U.S. President Trump’s ripping up of the accord and subsequent “maximum pressure” strategy not worked? Amid the ongoing standoff between the U.S. and Iran, what role can the EU and Russia play in salvaging the deal and averting a military confrontation?

Rob Malley, a negotiator of the Iran deal, joins Olya and Hugh to explore these questions. 

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This podcast was recorded on 4 September 2019.

This podcast series was produced by Bulle Media

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