Houthi Strikes, Red Sea Shipping and Yemen’s War
Houthi Strikes, Red Sea Shipping and Yemen’s War
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Houthi Strikes, Red Sea Shipping and Yemen’s War

This week on Hold Your Fire!, Richard speaks with Crisis Group’s Yemen expert Ahmed Nagi, about the recent uptick in attacks from Houthi rebels on vessels in the waters around Yemen and what they mean for global shipping and the war in Yemen.

In this episode of Hold Your Fire!, Richard is joined by Crisis Group’s senior Yemen analyst Ahmed Nagi to talk about the uptick in attacks by Houthi rebels on cargo ships in the Red Sea, Gulf of Aden and the Indian Ocean and the prospects for an escalation of the conflict both in Yemen and the broader region. They unpack what the Houthis are trying to achieve with the attacks, which the group has linked to the war in Gaza, and their relations with Iran and other members of the “axis of resistance”. They assess how effective the U.S. and UK-led military response has been in deterring Houthi strikes. They also discuss how the attacks on Red Sea shipping have affected the talks with Saudi Arabia that were underway in Yemen before 7 October, and whether the latest escalation could reignite the war in Yemen after a period of relative calm. They also reflect on how the Houthis might respond to an all-out war between Israel and the Lebanese group Hezbollah. 

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