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Nepal Backgrounder: Ceasefire – Soft Landing or Strategic Pause?

Driven by growing pressure on the battlefield, increasing international isolation and a sense that the time is ripe for political gains, the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) has engaged in a ceasefire with government forces since 29 January 2003.

Briefing / Asia

Dividing Papua: How Not To Do It

A presidential instruction (Inpres) issued in January 2003 to divide Papua, Indonesia’s easternmost province, into three parts has done more to create tension and turmoil there than any government action in years.

Colombia and Its Neighbours: The Tentacles Of Instability

While the Colombian armed conflict has deep roots in history, increasingly it is fuelled by the inflow of weapons, explosives and chemical precursors and financed by an outflow of drugs.

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Report / Africa

Angola’s Choice: Reform Or Regress

One year after more than four decades of internationally fuelled civil conflict came to an end, Angola is faced with a stark choice.

Islamic Social Welfare Activism In The Occupied Palestinian Territories: A Legitimate Target?

The 11 September 2001 attacks in the U.S. and revelations that the al-Qaeda network made extensive use of charitable institutions to raise funds for its operations, have reinforced concerns about the relationship between Islamic social welfare activism and terrorism.

War In Iraq: Managing Humanitarian Relief

The impassioned controversy that surrounded the decision to invade Iraq had the unfortunate consequence of impeding coordination of humanitarian relief operations. Now that the war has begun, it is important to deal with the urgent task of meeting the needs of the Iraqi people.

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