Dareen Khalifa

Dareen Khalifa

Senior Adviser for Dialogue Promotion
Istanbul, Turkey

Crisis Group Role

As Senior Advisor at the International Crisis Group, Dareen leads Crisis Group's efforts to promote dialogue and contribute to peacemaking policy and practice.  

Professional Background

Dareen has been working at Crisis Group since 2019. She previously held the position of a Senior Analyst for Syria, conducting extensive field research and drafting detailed reports and policy briefs. Over the past seventeen years, she has worked directly with and mediated between difficult-to-reach conflict actors in complex dynamics. She has worked in conflict areas in a variety of roles, including with Amnesty International and most recently with the Center for Humanitarian Dialogue (HD), where she regularly engaged with various civilian and armed actors to mitigate conflicts. She is frequently quoted by major media outlets, including The New York Times, The Economist, Financial Times, and The Washington Post.

Dareen holds an MA in Human Rights and Public Policy from University College London. As well as being an Associate Fellow at the International Centre for the Study of Radicalisation, King’s College, London

Area of Expertise

  • Conflict mediation and discreet diplomacy
  • Engaging with Sub-state armed groups
  • Jihadists 
  • Civil society

Selected Publications

  • In Syria’s Idlib, Washington’s Chance to Reimagine Counter-terrorism
  • The Jihadist Factor in Syria’s Idlib: A Conversation with Abu Mohamed al Jolani
  • Has Turkey’s Incursion into Syria Opened The Door For An Islamic State Comeback?
  • An Unnerving Fate for the Families of Syria’s Northeast
  • The Rule is for None But Allah: Islamist Approaches to Governance (contributor)
  • Many Syrians are sceptical of peace talks. Here’s why.
  • Normalising Relations with Syria: How Significant?
  • Saving peace: The case for amending the Egypt-Israel peace treaty


  • Arabic
  • English

In The News

31 Mei 2023
Turkey is highly unlikely to compromise on troop withdrawal [from northern Syria]. Reuters

Dareen Khalifa

Senior Adviser for Dialogue Promotion
10 Feb 2023
If the UN fails to extend its operation [in Syria] via these [Turkish border] crossings, donor states should bypass the UN and do bilateral assistance themselves. The Guardian

Dareen Khalifa

Senior Adviser for Dialogue Promotion
16 Jan 2023
Whenever the American forces there [in Syria] are attacked, the question arises again: Why are they there? Globe Echo

Dareen Khalifa

Senior Adviser for Dialogue Promotion

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