Multilateral Diplomacy

The international order has been thrown into turmoil as the era of U.S. primacy fades and shifting power relations revive great power politics. Disruptive regional powers and a divided Security Council are hindering UN peacemaking. The changing nature of conflict, coupled with an increasingly complex geopolitical landscape, affect the capacity of regional organisations like the African Union to maintain peace and security. Today’s conflicts are seldom fought or solved without outside influence, and while multilateral diplomacy is under siege, it remains undefeated. In our work, we advocate at the global and regional levels for the importance of multilateralism in conflict prevention and resolution. 

In The News

19 Sep 2022
A lot of [the] time now, the U.N.’s role has been reduced to geopolitical ambulance-chasing. Foreign Policy

Richard Gowan

UN Director
26 Mar 2022
The UN has to be cautious. I think, when it comes to specific policy issues like peacekeeping [in Ukraine]. CBC

Ashish Pradhan

Senior Advisor to the President

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