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Humanitarian Fallout of Conflict

In The News

4 Sep 2018
I think we're at an inflection point — because of what’s happening in Yemen and in the U.S. Politico

Robert Malley

President & CEO
21 Jun 2018
In areas where there is a very great concentration of Central American migrants you are seeing a xenophobic reaction similar to what you see … in any other part of the world where you see an intense influx of migrants with very few resources Statesman

Ivan Briscoe

Program Director, Latin America and Caribbean
18 Jun 2018
A better chance of success would be a deal whereby the Houthis permit a neutral third-party monitoring of shipments coming through the [Hodeida] port, essentially moving UNVIM [UN Verification and Inspection Mechanism for Yemen] onshore. TRT World

Joost Hiltermann

Program Director, Middle East and North Africa
2 Apr 2018
The fall of East Ghouta is another step towards Assad’s consolidation of control in Syria’s center. The Wall Street Journal

Sam Heller

Senior Analyst, Non-state Armed Groups
28 Feb 2017
The fact that [abuse of women and children] has increased so much in this past year or two is also directly related to the deteriorating economic situation in Libya. RFI

Claudia Gazzini

Consulting Analyst, Libya
13 Feb 2017
[Afghan refugees] settle around urban centres, which may be relatively safe, but what essentially happens is it cuts them off from communities they belong to. The Guardian

Timor Sharan

Former Senior Analyst, Afghanistan