Any attempt to run Gaza like the West Bank will fail – and Hamas will benefit

The next administration is more likely to appear by default than by design, something that doesn’t bode well for Palestinians.

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أي محاولة لإدارة غزّة على غرار الضفة الغربية ستفشل؛ أمّا حماس فستستفيد

من المرجح أن تظهر الإدارة المقبلة لغزّة تلقائياً من دون تخطيط، وهذا لا يبشِّر بالخير للفلسطينيين.

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No Exit From Gaza

Why Israel—and the United States—Has Only Bad Options for the Day After

Also available in العربية

لا مخرج من غزة

لماذا ليس لدى إسرائيل – والولايات المتحدة - سوى خيارات سيئة لليوم التالي

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Op-Ed / United States

Is Washington Responsible for What Israel Does With American Weapons?

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) Conduct in Gaza Should Prompt Scrutiny of U.S. Arms Transfers.

Will the Israel-Hamas War Spread?

Few conflicts involve just two actors, and the Israel-Hamas war is no exception. From Iran and its proxies to the Palestinians’ Arab backers, as well as Turkey, governments throughout the Middle East are carefully calculating how to respond to the conflict.

Op-Ed / Global

How the World Lost Faith in the UN

Regaining It Will Require Accepting a Diminished Role for an Age of Competition.

Israel and Palestine’s Existential War

The shock of the October 7 attacks has exposed just how much is at stake, and the decisions being made now will reverberate for decades.

Golan Heights and South/West Syria
2 November 2023

The Israeli military asserted that “the Iranian Imam Hossein militia, originally stationed in Syria, was deployed to southern Lebanon in an attempt to support Hizbollah. The militia is involved in confrontations with the IDF and terrorist activities against Israel, putting the lives of the Lebanese people at risk”.

Ecuador’s Descent Into Chaos

Can an Election Salvage Latin America's Most Violent Country? 

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