Our Trustees on Crisis Group and Ending the Yemen War

We asked eight International Crisis Group Trustees to step aside from our April 2019 Paris Board Meeting and tell us what was most urgent about ending the Yemen war and how Crisis Group is helping. This is what they had to say.

Lord (Mark) Malloch-Brown

Lord Malloch-Brown, Chair of Crisis Group's Board and former UN Deputy Secretary-General, speaks about the war in Yemen and says civil society, public opinion and journalists must mobilise to put pressure on policymakers.

Lord Malloch-Brown on Crisis Group's Mission in Yemen

Robert Malley

Robert Malley, Crisis Group's President and CEO, discusses the conflict in Yemen, why it began and why it is still ongoing. He reflects on the relationships Crisis Group has built with all actors involved.

Robert Malley on Crisis Group's Mission in Yemen

Ayo Obe

Ayo Obe, Member of the Crisis Group Board of Trustees, discusses the devastating impact of Yemen's civil war on the civilian population, warning that prolonged starvation can affect children's mental and physical health. She explains why Crisis Group's field presence and ability to speak to all parties make it a crucial interlocutor in resolving the crisis.

Ayo Obe on Crisis Group's Mission in Yemen

Jonas Gahr Støre

Our Board Member Jonas Gahr Støre talks about Yemen's humanitarian suffering and how the conflict's internal dynamics are being magnified by outside powers.

Jonas Gahr Støre on Crisis Group's Mission in Yemen

Frank Giustra

Our Board Member Frank Giustra talks about the severe impact of Yemen's conflict on civilians and how Crisis Group's independent field research and ability to talk to all parties make it a unique actor in the world of conflict prevention.

Frank Giustra on Crisis Group's Mission in Yemen

Jake Sullivan

Crisis Group Trustee Jake Sullivan reflects on the horrors of the war in Yemen and the moral abdication of the international community, whose disengagement has allowed the deadly conflict to unfold in slow motion. He explains that Crisis Group's excellent field reporting and high-level advocacy can help bring it to an end.

Jake Sullivan on Crisis Group's Mission in Yemen

Ambassador Wendy Sherman

Our Board Member Wendy Sherman draws attention to the horrific impact of Yemen's war, and in particular, how the conflict has endangered the lives of the country's children. She argues that Crisis Group's excellent analysis, practical solutions and leadership are key ingredients that can help bring peace to the war-torn country.

Ambassador Wendy Sherman on Crisis Group's Mission in Yemen

Shivshankar Menon

Crisis Group Trustee Shivshankar Menon reflects on the horrors of the conflict in Yemen and argues that the international community has become inured to this kind of war. He claims that it is time to compromise on some broad, loose structures within which we can start moving towards peace and says that all the Yemeni parties appreciate Crisis Group's neutrality.

Shivshankar Menon on Crisis Group's Mission in Yemen

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