[Please note, this Early Warning Resources is no longer available on Crisis Group’s website.]

Brussels The International Crisis Group is pleased to announce a new online resource for conflict prevention and management.

Crisis Group's Early Warning Resources web page is a one-stop-shop compiling various sources of public information and aiming to provide journalists, analysts and policy makers with forewarning of possible conflicts around the world and information on conflict trends.

Early warning is a key component of Crisis Group's mission and a critical aspect of conflict prevention. As part of our continuing effort to improve our website and its usefulness, the Early Warning Resources page includes:

  • Conflict-related early warning web pages, including our own CrisisWatch database, a searchable catalog of month-by-month updates on the state of play in all the most significant situations of conflict or potential conflict around the world;
  • Humanitarian and natural disaster early warning websites;
  • Risk analysis websites;
  • Global conflict trend analyses; and
  • Daily news services that provide the most up-to-date information on conflict-related issues.

The early warning page is an integral part of the Databases and Resources section of our website, which also includes our Conflict History database (providing concise histories of the countries and conflicts monitored by Crisis Group) and Maps database, as well as our advocacy campaign pages. This section also lets users download executive summaries of recent reports and opinion pieces to their Palms and handheld computers.

Crisis Group contributes to early warning both through our regular analytical reports and our monthly bulletin, CrisisWatch.

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