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President's Takes

President's Take

Grappling with the Ukraine War’s Multi-faceted Threat

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine poses the greatest danger to global peace and security in decades. In her introduction to the EU Watch List 2022 – Spring Update, Crisis Group President & CEO Comfort Ero lays out the biggest dilemmas and sets some guideposts for international action.

Europe and the Ukraine Crisis

Crisis Group’s President & CEO Dr. Comfort Ero addresses rising tensions as Russian troops mass on the Ukrainian border. In this excerpt from the Watch List 2022, Dr. Ero emphasises the need for EU negotiations with Moscow aimed at laying the groundwork for a more stable European security architecture.

President's Take

Resurgent Tigray and Horn of Africa Politics

To accompany this month’s CrisisWatch, Interim President Richard Atwood looks at the dramatic turn of events in Ethiopia’s northern Tigray region, the danger of new fighting and its implications for Horn of Africa geopolitics.

President's Take

Slivers of Hope in the Middle East

In his monthly take ahead of CrisisWatch, Interim President Richard Atwood looks at recent diplomacy in the Middle East and prospects for assuaging two of the rivalries that have fuelled Arab wars over the past decade.

Violence in Somalia, Déby’s Death and Islamist Militancy in Africa

In his Interim President’s Take on this month’s CrisisWatch, Richard Atwood looks at what Somalia’s political crisis and Chadian President’s Idriss Déby’s death mean for Africa’s struggles against Islamist militancy.

President's Take

A Year of COVID and Conflict: What the Pandemic Did and Didn’t Do

In his introduction to this month’s CrisisWatch, Interim President Richard Atwood reflects on the pandemic’s impact one year after Crisis Group published its first report on COVID-19 and conflict. 

The Human Cost of War in Yemen and Ethiopia

In his introduction to this month’s CrisisWatch, Crisis Group's Interim President Richard Atwood weighs what's needed to avert even greater humanitarian disasters in the ongoing wars in Yemen and Ethiopia's Tigray region.

Crisis Group’s Bittersweet Farewell to Rob Malley

In his introduction to this month’s CrisisWatch, Crisis Group's Interim President Richard Atwood reflects on Rob Malley’s departure, Washington’s Iran policy, the Myanmar coup and Michael Kovrig’s continued detention in China.

President's Take

How Crisis Group Chooses its Ten Conflicts to Watch

In his introduction to this month’s edition of CrisisWatch, Crisis Group's President Robert Malley reflects on the once-unimaginable scenes that unfolded in the U.S. Capitol last night, as a mob violently stormed the building. He also explains how we choose our ten conflicts to watch each year.

Why Crisis Group Calls for Inclusive Dialogue in Ethiopia

In his introduction to this month’s edition of CrisisWatch, our President Robert Malley reflects on our field analysts’ work, Crisis Group’s mandate, and why we call for inclusive dialogue in Ethiopia.