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Why Türkiye’s Hindrance of NATO’s Nordic Expansion Will Likely Drag On

Ankara has blocked the bids of Finland and Sweden to join NATO, to the dismay of Western capitals who see the enlargement as strengthening the alliance after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. With all sides seeing key principles at stake, the impasse is unlikely to end soon.

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As their strategic rivalry grows, China and the U.S. are increasingly operating in close proximity in the Asia Pacific. An accident or misinterpreted signal could set off a wider confrontation. The danger level is low, but dialogue is needed to dial it down further.

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In The News

20 Jun 2022
The tensions between these two countries [DRC and Rwanda] could destabilise a region that’s already facing political instability. The Guardian

Nelleke van de Walle

Project Director, Great Lakes
13 Jun 2022
We are in a situation where for the first time . . . Iran has the ability to break out, have capacity to produce enough fissile material for a [nuclear] weapon, undetected. Financial Times

Ali Vaez

Senior Adviser to the President & Project Director, Iran
13 Jun 2022
Kenya is one of the few countries [in Africa] where you go into an election without knowing who is going to win. Financial Times

Murithi Mutiga

Program Director, Africa
13 Jun 2022
The stark reality is that the UN Human Rights officials are always working in the shadow of power. VICE

Richard Gowan

UN Director
6 Jun 2022
The perception is that the West and particularly France has devoted a large amount of resources to the [Sahel] region but the situation has become worse. Quartz Africa

Richard Moncrieff

Project Director, Sahel (Interim)
6 Jun 2022
China has gotten a lot more involved in the politics of Sri Lanka and in backing the government in a much more public way. The Sunday Morning Herald

Alan Keenan

Senior Consultant, Sri Lanka

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