Crimes against the Climate: Violence and Deforestation in the Amazon

Organised crime has infiltrated the Amazon basin, seeking land for growing coca, rivers for drug trafficking and veins of gold underground. These groups are endangering the rainforest and the safety of those attempting to defend it. It is imperative that regional governments take protective measures.

Commentary / Africa

ECOWAS, Nigeria and the Niger Coup Sanctions: Time to Recalibrate

The sanctions imposed on Niger by the Economic Community of West African States after its July coup are hurting civilians more than anyone else. Led by Nigeria, the bloc should revise these measures to narrowly target the generals responsible for disrupting democracy.

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Commentary / Africa

Sanctions de la Cedeao après le coup d’État au Niger : un réajustement s’impose

Les sanctions imposées au Niger par la Communauté économique des États de l’Afrique de l’Ouest après le coup d’État de juillet affectent avant tout les civils. Sous l’impulsion du Nigéria, le bloc régional devrait réviser ces mesures pour cibler plus étroitement les généraux responsables d’avoir mis à mal la démocratie.

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Commentary / Global

How the UN Can Make the Most of the New Agenda for Peace

The UN Secretary-General has encountered resistance to many of the ideas for strengthening international peace and security he laid out in a July policy brief. Achieving consensus on large-scale multilateral reform will be hard, but a summit in 2024 is a focus for limited innovation.

Commentary / Asia

Why the Taliban Should Be Brought in from the Cold for Climate Talks

Surviving the impact of climate change and adapting to harsher new environments are collective tasks that need the cooperation of all countries, even Afghanistan under the outcast Taliban regime.

The Gaza War Reverberates Across the Middle East

As war rages in Gaza, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict continues to escalate, causing grievous harm to civilians and threatening stability across the Middle East. Crisis Group experts offer a 360-degree view of how various capitals in the region view this crisis and their own interests therein.

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تداعيات حرب غزة تَعمُّ الشرق الأوسط

مع استِعار الحرب في قطاع غزة، يستمر الصراع الإسرائيلي–الفلسطيني بالتصاعد، ويتسبب بأضرار جسيمة على المدنيين، ويهدد الاستقرار في الشرق الأوسط بأسره. يقدم خبراء مجموعة الأزمات بانوراما شاملة حول مواقف العواصم المختلفة في المنطقة تجاه هذه الأزمة ومصالحها الخاصة فيها.

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Deterrence between Israel and Hizbollah Must Hold

Thus far, October’s exchanges of fire between Hizbollah and Israel have stayed within the sides’ red lines. Still, with an Israeli ground invasion of Gaza looming, risks are tremendous. A Gaza ceasefire, while improbable, is the only way to rule out a broader war.

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قوة الردع يجب أن تصمد بين إسرائيل وحزب الله

حتى الآن، لا تزال تبادلات إطلاق النار بين حزب الله وإسرائيل في تشرين الأول/أكتوبر ضمن الخطوط الحمر للطرفين. لكن مع قرب احتمال حدوث غزو بري لقطاع غزة، فإن المخاطر كبيرة جداً. وفي حين أن وقفاً لإطلاق النار أمر غير محتمل، فإنه يبقى السبيل الوحيد لتجنب حرب أوسع.

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Building Momentum in EU-Türkiye Relations

Relations between Ankara and Brussels have been warming despite democratic backsliding in Türkiye. In this excerpt from the Watch List 2023 – Autumn Update, Crisis Group explains how the EU and its member states can deepen this trend, cooperating with Türkiye in areas of mutual interest.

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