Op-Ed / Europe & Central Asia

Armenia Under the Gun

The fall of Nagorno-Karabakh did not resolve all the problems between Armenia and Azerbaijan. These two neighbors have never established diplomatic ties and do not engage in trade, and their citizens cannot freely visit one another. Both countries have now raised three generations of people who view the other side as the enemy.

No Exit From Gaza

Why Israel—and the United States—Has Only Bad Options for the Day After

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لا مخرج من غزة

لماذا ليس لدى إسرائيل – والولايات المتحدة - سوى خيارات سيئة لليوم التالي

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Op-Ed / United States

Is Washington Responsible for What Israel Does With American Weapons?

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) Conduct in Gaza Should Prompt Scrutiny of U.S. Arms Transfers.

Will the Israel-Hamas War Spread?

Few conflicts involve just two actors, and the Israel-Hamas war is no exception. From Iran and its proxies to the Palestinians’ Arab backers, as well as Turkey, governments throughout the Middle East are carefully calculating how to respond to the conflict.

Op-Ed / Global

How the World Lost Faith in the UN

Regaining It Will Require Accepting a Diminished Role for an Age of Competition.

Israel and Palestine’s Existential War

The shock of the October 7 attacks has exposed just how much is at stake, and the decisions being made now will reverberate for decades.

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