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CrisisWatch Moldova

Unchanged Situation

Constitutional Court 7 May cancelled parliament’s approval of Russian loan totalling €200mn over ten years, ruling credit agreement unconstitutional. European Parliament 15 May approved proposal for emergency assistance to ten countries to overcome economic consequences of COVID-19 pandemic; Moldova will receive €100mn.

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Reports & Briefings

The COVID-19 Challenge in Post-Soviet Breakaway Statelets

НЕЯСНОЕ Будущее Молдовы

Moldova's Uncertain Future

Also available in Русский
Молдова: региональные напряженные отношения в Приднестровье

Moldova: Regional Tensions over Transdniestria

Also available in Русский
Молдова: Легких решений нет

Moldova: No Quick Fix

Also available in Русский

Latest Updates

The COVID-19 Challenge in Post-Soviet Breakaway Statelets

The threat of coronavirus looms large in six self-declared republics that have broken away from post-Soviet states. War and isolation have corroded health care infrastructure, while obstructing the inflow of assistance. International actors should work with local and regional leaders to let life-saving aid through.

Isolation of Post-Soviet Conflict Regions Narrows the Road to Peace

Unresolved conflicts and breakaway territories divide five out of six of the European Union’s Eastern Partnership countries, most of them directly backed by the Russian Federation. But a policy of isolating the people living in these conflict regions narrows the road to peace.

Moldova's Uncertain Future

With Romania’s expected entry into the European Union in 2007, the EU will share a border with Moldova, a weak state divided by conflict and plagued by corruption and organised crime. Moldova’s leadership has declared its desire to join the EU, but its commitment to European values is suspect, and efforts to resolve its dispute with the breakaway region of Transdniestria have failed to end a damaging stalemate that has persisted for fifteen years.

Also available in Русский
Op-Ed / Europe & Central Asia

In Search Of A Solution

Originally published in IWPR