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Iranian President Raisi’s Sudden Death and the ICC Case Against Israeli and Hamas Leaders

This week on Hold Your Fire!, Richard speaks with Crisis Group’s experts Ali Vaez, Mairav Zonszein and Stephen Pomper about the Iranian president’s sudden death and the International Criminal Court prosecutor’s arrest warrants requests for Israeli and Hamas leaders.

All Eyes on The Hague: The ICC Prosecutor’s Move against Hamas and Israeli Leaders

The ICC prosecutor has said he is seeking arrest warrants for top Hamas and Israeli figures in connection with crimes committed since 7 October 2023. In this Q&A, Crisis Group experts Brian Finucane, Stephen Pomper and Mairav Zonszein examine the legal and political implications.

Podcast / Africa

War and Dizzying Regional Alliances in Congo’s East

In this episode of The Horn, Alan Boswell talks with Crisis Group expert Richard Moncrieff about the attacks in Kinshasa last weekend and escalating violence in eastern Congo amid shifting regional alliances.

The Gaza War's Main Impacts on Egypt

In this video Riccardo Fabiani discusses how Cairo has turned the crisis somewhat to its advantage, leveraging Western fears that what is happening in Gaza could destabilise Egypt.

The Generals’ Labyrinth: Crime and the Military in Mexico

Mexico’s outgoing president has deployed more soldiers than ever to fight crime. But levels of violence remain high. His successor should set limits to the military’s role in public safety while working to sever state officials’ ties to criminals and allow better civilian law enforcement. 

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On Our Radar

On Our Radar scans conflicts and crises around the globe every week and features some of the hotspots Crisis Group's analysts are closely watching. Whether an under-reported trend or a headline-grabbing development, our field experts explain why it matters or what should be done. 

President's Take / Global

A Pivotal Moment for EU Foreign Policy

As the European Parliament elections approach, conflicts in the EU’s neighbourhood are intensifying. In her introduction to the Watch List 2024 – Spring Update, Crisis Group President & CEO Comfort Ero assesses some of the challenges the EU will face internally and on the security front.

Helping Keep Bosnia and Herzegovina Together

Bosnia and Herzegovina is on the verge of falling apart as Republika Srpska, the smaller of its two ethnically divided parts, threatens to break away. In this excerpt from the Watch List 2024 – Spring Update, Crisis Group urges the EU to help stop the fragmentation.

EU Watch List / Global

Watch List 2024 – Spring Update

Each year, Crisis Group publishes two updates to the EU Watch List identifying where the EU and its member states can enhance prospects for peace. This update includes entries on Bosnia and Herzegovina, Haiti, Sudan, Philippine-Chinese frictions in the South China Sea and Hizbollah-Israel tensions.

Haiti: A New Government Faces Up to the Gangs

Haiti has established a new transitional government to combat surging gang violence and tackle the resulting humanitarian crisis. In this excerpt from the Watch List 2024 – Spring Update, Crisis Group explains how the EU and its member states can help.

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