Lebanon’s Presidential Vacuum is Prolonging the Country’s Economic Crisis

In this video, David Wood discusses the presidential vacuum in Lebanon and how it's affecting the country's ability to deal with its other compounding crises.


Unravelling the Coup in Niger

In this interview, Jean-Hervé Jezequel, Crisis Group’s Project Director for the Sahel, highlights the international and regional response to the Niger coup, as well as potential ways forward.

Video / Asia

Inside South East Asia’s Criminal Empire

In this video, Richard Horsey, Crisis Group's Senior Adviser for Myanmar, discusses organised crime in South East Asia's Golden Triangle.

Israeli-Hizbollah Mutual Deterrence Must Be Preserved

In this video, Crisis Group’s Senior Analyst for Lebanon, David Wood, warns that tensions between Hizbollah and Israel risk ending the relative calm of the past seventeen years.


Along the Barbed Wire: Living on the Georgia-South Ossetia Separation Line

This video gathers testimonies from people living along the South Ossetia-Georgia line of separation, where Russian militarisation of the boundary has left communities divided.

Video / Africa

A Worrying New Phase in the Sahel Crisis

In this interview, Jean-Hervé Jezequel, Crisis Group’s Project Director for the Sahel, reflects on the ongoing crisis in the Sahel region, the struggle against expanding jihadist groups, and compares the approaches of Burkina Faso, Mali, and Niger.

Wagner Rebellion: What to Watch

Crisis Group's Europe and Central Asia Program Director Olga Oliker and Senior Russia analyst Oleg Ignatov discuss the aftermath of the mutiny in Russia and what the future holds for the group.

Video / Asia

De-escalating Tensions in the Taiwan Strait

In this video, Crisis Group’s Giustra Fellow for China Ivy Kwek talks about her work monitoring tensions in the Taiwan Strait.

Albert Koenders on the New European Security Architecture

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has forced Europe to rethink its security and defence architecture. In this video, Crisis Group Trustee Bert Koenders talks about sharpening geopolitical lines in Europe following the war in Ukraine.

Video / Asia

Researching for Conflict Prevention | Ivy Kwek on her Giustra Fellowship

In this video, Ivy Kwek speaks about her experiences as a Giustra Fellow, including her recent research in South East Asia.

U.N. Plan to Reunite Libya: Four Obstacles

As the United Nations Special Representative in Libya, Abdoulaye Bathily, presents his plan for paving a way out of the country's political problems, Claudia Gazzini looks at four obstacles that his proposal will face.

Frank Giustra on the Devastating Situation in Haiti

In this video, Frank Giustra speaks about the level of suffering Haiti is currently experiencing.

How Crisis Group's UN advocacy works

In this video, UN Director Richard Gowan talks about what goes on behind the scenes of Crisis Group's advocacy work at the United Nations in New York.

Video / Asia

Stage-managed Elections in Myanmar May Lead to Further Violence

In this video, Crisis Group expert Richard Horsey discusses how elections in Myanmar may trigger escalated violence.

Abdulaziz Sager on Saudi-Iranian Diplomatic Deal

Dr. Abdulaziz Sager, Founder of the Gulf Research Center and member of Crisis Group’s Board of Trustees, talks about the revival of diplomatic ties between Iran and Saudi Arabia in a deal brokered by China.

Video / Africa

Somalia’s Clan Offensive is Gaining Ground against Al-Shabaab

In this video, Omar Mahmood discusses the Somali government’s recent gains in its war with the Islamist insurgency Al-Shabaab, mainly in central Somalia.

Video / Africa

Time to Talk: Climate, Environment & Conflict in the Horn of Africa

In this video, Nazanine Moshiri and Christophe Hodder discuss the indirect, yet undeniable links between climate, the environment and deadly conflict.

Video / Europe & Central Asia

One year after the Russian invasion of Ukraine: big goals and wishful thinking

In this video, Olga Oliker, Crisis Group Europe and Central Asia Program Director, talks about the current state of the war in Ukraine a year after Russia's invasion and reflects on the disconnect between the goals of ending the war and of bringing justice.


Ten Crises the EU can Help Address in 2023

This video identifies ten countries and regions where the EU and its member states could save lives and enhance prospects for stability.


VIDEO | 10 Conflicts to Watch in 2023

This video summarises the 2023 edition of Crisis Group’s flagship annual publication “10 Conflicts to Watch”.

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