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Op-Ed / Middle East & North Africa

The Problem Isn’t Just Netanyahu, It’s Israeli Society

Despite blaming the prime minister, a large majority of Jewish Israeli citizens support his destructive policies in Gaza and beyond.

Report / Europe & Central Asia

Northern Kosovo: Asserting Sovereignty amid Divided Loyalties

Tensions are rising in Kosovo’s restive Serb-majority north, as Pristina enforces its writ against the backdrop of continuing disputes with Belgrade. The parties and outside supporters should first work on defusing the short-term risk of violence and then look for ways to foster lasting stability.

Also available in Albanian, Serbian
Op-Ed / Global

The Trouble With “the Global South”

What the West Gets Wrong About the Rest

Podcast / Europe & Central Asia

The Moscow Attack, Afghanistan’s Islamic State Branch and the Ukraine War

This week on Hold Your Fire, Richard is joined by Crisis Group experts Jerome Drevon, Ibraheem Bahiss and Olga Oliker to discuss the ISIS-claimed attack on a music venue in a Moscow suburb, the global threat ISIS and its affiliates pose and what the strike might mean for Russia and the war in Ukraine. 

Commentary / Asia

Korean Reunification: Abandoned or Merely Deferred?

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has announced that he will no longer support the longstanding goal of eventually reunifying the two Koreas. The change of position, coupled with Kim’s flexing of his country’s military muscle, has troubling implications for the Korean peninsula’s stability.

Q&A / Africa

What Turmoil in ECOWAS Means for Nigeria and Regional Stability

Burkina Faso, Mali and Niger have left ECOWAS, the regional bloc that sanctioned them after military officers seized power in each. In this Q&A, Crisis Group expert Nnamdi Obasi assesses the import of these events for West Africa’s security architecture and Nigeria’s influence therein. 

America, Iran, and the Patron’s Dilemma

The Backers of Israel and Hamas Didn’t Start the War in Gaza—but They Can End It

Also available in Arabic
Briefing / Africa

JAS vs. ISWAP: The War of the Boko Haram Splinters

The two jihadist groups in north-eastern Nigeria have bruised each other badly in internecine fighting. But they are still a menace to civilians, both in Nigeria and in the other Lake Chad states. The governments cannot afford to shift their gaze from the militant danger.

Also available in Français
Podcast / Global

Trump, Biden and the Future of U.S. Multilateralism

This week on Ripple Effect, Michael is joined by Leslie Vinjamuri, U.S. and Americas program director at Chatham House and Richard Gowan, Crisis Group’s UN director, to discuss how the November elections might change U.S. approach to multilateralism and Washington’s relations with the UN.

Briefing / Asia

Scam Centres and Ceasefires: China-Myanmar Ties Since the Coup

Beijing has more pull with Myanmar’s military rulers than any other outsider. While its influence has limits, it can help quiet border areas, by fighting organised crime and encouraging licit economies. Other powers should probe for areas of potential cooperation in resolving the post-coup crisis.

Also available in Burmese, Chinese, Simplified

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