Trapped in the Gap: Migrants and Smugglers in the Darién

The Darién – a patch of dense jungle on the strip of land connecting Colombia and Panama – is one of the most treacherous routes in the Americas. In this multimedia commentary, Bram Ebus follows the journey of Yeimy, a Venezuelan migrant, and her sons.

السياسة التركية حيال سورية بعد فوز أردوغان

منذ بدأت الانتفاضة السورية عام 2011، انجرّت أنقرة على نحو أعمق وأعمق إلى الأزمة. من المرجح أن تنزع مقاربتها الآن إلى الثبات. إلّا أن الخيارات التي تتبناها من الآن فصاعداً سيكون لها انعكاسات مهمة على مصير ملايين السوريين.

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Paving the Way to Talks on Western Sahara

Diplomats have struggled to broker negotiations over the disputed territory of Western Sahara since late 2020, when a ceasefire between Morocco and the pro-independence Polisario Front broke down. If it steps up its engagement, Washington may be able to get the ball rolling.

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تمهيد الطريق نحو محادثات بشأن الصحراء الغربية

لقد بذل الدبلوماسيون جهوداً شاقة للتوسط في إجراء مفاوضات بشأن منطقة الصحراء الغربية المتنازع عليها منذ أواخر عام 2020، عندما انهار وقف لإطلاق النار بين المغرب وجبهة البوليساريو الداعية لاستقلال المنطقة. إذا رفعت واشنطن مستوى انخراطها في الوساطة، فقد تتمكن من إعادة إطلاق العملية.

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Commentary / Global

What’s New about the UN’s New Agenda for Peace?

The UN Secretary-General has drafted a lengthy report about how world leaders can address looming global challenges. The document covers a remarkable range of topics, from peacekeeping missions and women’s rights to climate change and cyber-security.

Commentary / United States

Dangerous Words: The Risky Rhetoric of U.S. War on Mexican Cartels

As opioid overdose deaths rise in the U.S., members of Congress have broached the idea of using U.S. military force against the Mexican criminal networks that traffic in narcotics. Such notions are irresponsible, and other politicians and opinion leaders should vigorously push back against them.

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Commentary / United States

Palabras peligrosas: la arriesgada retórica de la guerra de EE. UU. contra los carteles mexicanos

A medida que aumentan las muertes por sobredosis de opioides en EE. UU., miembros del Congreso han planteado la idea de utilizar la fuerza militar estadounidense contra las redes criminales mexicanas que trafican con narcóticos. Tales ideas son irresponsables, y otros políticos y líderes de opinión deben rechazarlas categóricamente.

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The UN Security Council between Rifts and Reform

Talk of reforming the UN Security Council is gaining currency, due in part to Russia’s war in Ukraine. But the obstacles are many. A more modest vision of what the body should be and what it can achieve is probably best for now.

Gulf Arab Reconciliation Hides Simmering Tensions

The four-year blockade of Qatar by rival Gulf powers is over, but fault lines among these states remain. If the gaps are not bridged, the competition could exacerbate conflicts – and spark new ones – well outside the region.

Normalising Relations with Syria: How Significant?

The League of Arab States welcomed President Bashar al-Assad to its May summit, reinstating Syria’s membership, which it had suspended in 2011. The regime may look to have shrugged off the international opprobrium it earned for its brutality in repressing its opponents. But has it?

Commentary / Africa

Ensuring MINUSMA’s Smooth Departure from Mali

On 16 June, Bamako asked the UN Security Council to withdraw the UN Multidimensional Integrated Stabilisation Mission in Mali (MINUSMA). In this Q&A, Crisis Group experts Jean-Hervé Jézéquel and Ibrahim Maïga look at the reasons behind the Malian authorities’ decision as well as its consequences.

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Striking the Right Balance with Iran

Tehran’s crackdown on anti-government protests and deepening military cooperation with Russia have put relations between Iran and Europe in a downward spiral. In this excerpt from the Watch List 2023 – Spring Update, Crisis Group urges the EU to reinvigorate its efforts to de-escalate tensions.

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Defusing Azerbaijan’s Landmine Challenge

Azerbaijan is keen to resettle territories regained from Armenian control. Landmines are its largest headache. To woo foreign support, Baku should be more welcoming of outside expertise. Along with Yerevan, it should also unlink demining from the conflict and consider joining the landmine ban treaty.

Lebanon Needs to Hold Municipal Elections

The erosion of Lebanese political institutions, which has already disabled the presidency and the cabinet, now threatens hundreds of municipalities. Amid its crippling economic crisis, Lebanon can ill afford to lose one of the last vestiges of state functionality.

Egypt in the Balance?

Egypt faces an economic crisis that risks fuelling unrest. The International Monetary Fund demands reforms in return for loans, while the authorities seek to broaden their base through a much-criticised national dialogue. Foreign partners should cautiously support this balancing act to enhance the country’s stability.

Why a Small Change at Twitter Could Have Big Consequences for Deadly Conflict

As Twitter limits access to a tool to analyse conversations on the platform, researchers will be deprived of information that sheds light on political hate speech and incitement to violence. That will have real-world implications for tracking election meddling, disinformation campaigns and human rights abuses.

Kosovo-Serbia: Finding a Way Forward

Kosovo-Serbia relations have floundered in recent months, reflecting underlying tensions over Kosovo’s northern municipalities. In this excerpt from the Watch List 2023 – Spring Update, Crisis Group encourages the EU to mediate and promote normalisation of relations between the two countries.

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Trouver le juste équilibre avec l’Iran

La répression par Téhéran des manifestations antigouvernementales et l'approfondissement de la coopération militaire avec la Russie ne cessent d’empirer les relations entre l'Iran et l'Europe. Dans cet extrait de l’édition de printemps de la Watch List 2023, Crisis Group exhorte l'UE à redoubler d'efforts pour désamorcer les tensions.

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Commentary / Africa

Maintaining Relations with Transitional Regimes in Bamako and Ouagadougou

Crisis-ridden Mali and Burkina Faso face jihadist insurgency and political turmoil. In this excerpt from the Watch List 2023 – Spring Update, Crisis Group outlines what the EU and its member states can do to prevent these two countries from falling into further regional isolation.

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