Event Recording

The War in Ukraine Two Years on: Today’s Challenges and Europe’s Future (Online Event, 16 February 2023)

In this online event Crisis Group experts discuss the biggest challenges facing Kyiv and its Western backers and options to address them.

Event Recording / Global

Ten Conflicts to Watch in 2024 - Chatham House Event (11 January 2024)

This one-hour event delves deeper into our flagship annual publication “10 Conflicts to Watch in 2024”.

The Latest Round in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict (Online Event, 20 December 2023)

In this online event, Crisis Group experts from our MENA Program discuss the latest developments in Israel and Gaza and their repercussions for the region.

Event Recording / Asia

Growing Violence, Dwindling Aid: Rohingya Crisis at an Inflection Point (Online Event, 28 December 2023)

In this onlinep event, our panellists provide insight on the conditions Rohingya refugees face in Bangladesh and other host countries. 

Event Recording

Mexico: Women’s Rise in Organised Crime (Online Events, 30 November 2023)

In this online event our Mexico experts, Angélica Ospina and Falko Ernst, discuss our report Partners in Crime: The Rise of Women in Mexico’s Illegal Groups with analysts on gender and organised crime, Coletta Youngers (WOLA) and Sandra Ley (México Evalúa).

Event Recording / Africa

Nord de la Côte d’Ivoire : comment éradiquer la menace jihadiste ? (événement en ligne, 23 novembre 2023)

Dans cet événement en ligne, nous avons exploré les enjeux sécuritaires concernant le nord de la Côte d’Ivoire.

Event Recording / Asia

A Himalayan Rivalry and the Future of India-China Relations (Online Event, 22 November 2023)

In this online event, Crisis Group experts discuss the past, present and future of India-China relations.

Israel, Gaza and the Region: Crisis Group’s Perspective on the Latest Developments (Online Event, 24 October 2023)

In this online event, Crisis Group experts will discuss the latest developments in Israel and Gaza.

Event Recording / Asia

Rebel Governance: Adapting to a changing Myanmar (Panel event, 6 october 2023)

This event brings together analysts and prominent civil society members to discuss the evolution of governance in Myanmar and what this means for stakeholders inside and outside the country.

What Happened in Derna (Online event, 5 October 2023)

In this online event Crisis Group analyst Claudia Gazzini and CNN international correspondent Jomana Karadsheh Scott offer some preliminary considerations on what happened, what they witnessed and what could have been done to prevent this tragedy.

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